At some point in time, An Wenyi was given Little Cold Hands. Even though the account is a female, he felt too lazy to care about the gender of the account.[1]

Before and during his meeting of events with Ye Xiu, he was in this third year as a university student at City B where his family is also located at.[2]


An Wenyi's debut appearance happens in Chapter 596, when he is supporting Ye Xiu who is attacking Dazzling Spring (Zhang Jiale) during the battle at North Bridge for Mage Mordak. During the time when none of the other Cleric's are able to heal Ye Xiu, An Wenyi is able to cast the highest grade heal onto Ye Xiu, Holy Heal.[3] He ends up falling into the river and drowning afterwards.

Some time after, An Wenyi is met by Chen Guo in regards to him joining Happy. He asks multiple questions to Chen Guo who has a difficult time answering many of them. Since she was having a hard time, An Wenyi ends up speaking to Ye Xiu about the team matters.[4] In the end, after being convinced by Ye Xiu, he decides to join Happy. He is added on QQ by Chen Guo, and then goes to dungeon with Ye Xiu. When they finish, Ye Xiu plans to make a training routine for him.[2]


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