A Night Walker sub-class that is available once a player reaches level 20.


Dual Swords


Level Skill Name Description
Leaping Blade A knock-up skill.[1]
15 Air Jump A skill that allows the user to jump again while mid-air.[2]
Cut Throat A skill that has to be used from behind the target that ignores Super Armor.[3]
Shining Cut An attack skill that moves very quick. It is difficult to predict where the skill will hit unless you're the user.[2]
Heart-Piercing Stab
Mother and Child Stab An attack that slashes at an arc.[4]
Shadow Move A skill that allows the user to quickly move.
Diving Arrow A skill that drop kicks the target.[5]
Life-Risking Strike A skill that causes damage equal to the amount of health that the user used to burn (the amount of health burned depends on this skill's level). This skill does not use mana, does not need a weapon to use, and ignores all defenses.[6]
  • At the max level, this skill can kill a player that has full health, but it can't kill most classes.[7]
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Notable Users

Ji Leng

Qiao Yifan

Yang Cong

Wu Qi


Cruel Silence

Gray Month

Immersed Jade

Octagon Aniseed

Cold Seasons

Scene Killer

Zero Kills