• Oradious


    January 1, 2018 by Oradious

    New year, new start. The projects I would be working on in the Wikia would almost be the same. I would put on hold the one on translating the results into a table form, and add a few easier ones in. Also, it is mandatory for all TKA editors to preferable join Blue Rain in the discord group. If you do not wish to, you will face the consequences by Vaccaria

    PS Blue Rain rocks, Happy sucks. Overrated cause of Lord Grim

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  • Markthelast

    New Year 2018

    January 1, 2018 by Markthelast

    2018 is the year that I hope to edit relentlessly to catch up to the pace of the Gravity Tales translations. This year will be the first full year for me to edit. Let the grim shamelessness begin. Victory to Team Happy.

    Goals on wikia

    • Complete adding information from Volume III (Done: 04-06-2018)
    • Complete adding information from Volume IV (Done: 07-23-2018)
    • Complete adding information from Volume V
    • Complete adding information from Volume VI

    Goals for self

    • Completing my first web novel
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  • Peilicanhelican


    June 30, 2017 by Peilicanhelican

    Something I've been noticing lately is that there's a lot of inconsistencies in set pages. What I mean by set pages is like Team pages, or character pages, or season pages...pages that come in sets?

    Mostly I was looking at each team page and sometimes in the introduction, it would be the Pinyin name followed by the English translation and sometimes it would be the English translation followed by the Pinyin and then sometimes it wouldn't have the Pinyin at all. And the same is with the infobox title for the teams. Sometimes it's the pinyin and sometimes its the english. All in all, the information is all basically the same, but just look like it's all over the place. I noticed because of the edit to the Tyranny page that said it should be Ba…

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  • Peilicanhelican


    June 25, 2017 by Peilicanhelican

    Skills lists under each class is currently just a list, but i know in a lot of other wikis, they usually list skills in a table so I was wondering if it'd look okay as a table instead.

    Here's an example: 

    Example 1
    Level Skill Name Description Hidden Effects
    1 Sky Strike A skill that knocks enemies into the air.

    5 Dragon Tooth A stab skill that creates a brief stun.

    Double Stab A stab skill that attacks twice. If both attacks hit the same spot, it triggers a hidden bleed effect.
    15 Falling Flower Palm A skill with a blow away effect.

    20 Circle Swing A grab skill that knocks enemies down. It ignores Super Armor and negates Quick Recovery.

    20 Chasers A skill that triggers and encircles the user for 30 seconds. When successfully landed on a target , t…

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  • Vaccaria

    As we have entered 2018, as everyone else, I'll be updating my goals, for 2018, and which goals have been completed. I'll be taking CSS classes so hopefully I learn some useful tools to use on here.

    • Create a new suitable background 
    • New Bookmark Icon
    • Improved Watermarker
    • Have a Header Banner
    • Keep Area page up to date accordance to Gravity Chapters
    • Customize/find someone to customize custom badges
    • Volume summaries in accordance to Collector's Edition with photos
      • Volume 2
      • Volume 3
      • Volume 4
      • Volume 5
      • Volume 6
      • Volume 7
    • Keep the players that are listed on my page's blog post up to date.
    • More different navigational content
    • Make the Homepage more detailed
    • Work on mobile compatible version for Wikia

    Let's make this a good year crew. Thank you all for your time and h…

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