Blue Rain (蓝雨, Lányǔ) is an eSports team that debuted during Season 1 of the Glory Professional League. It is considered one of the powerhouse teams in the league. They have a strong training camp, which some top class players have participated like Huang Shaotian, Yu Wenzhou, Fang Rui, and most recently, Lu Hanwen. Their playstyle, since Wei Chen was around, is to create and seize opportunities.[1]


While the Alliance was still forming, Wei Chen was asked to set up a team, which became known as Blue Rain. At some point in the early times of the league, Blue Rain held a training camp, where the prospects Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian took part. With Huang Shaotian being seen as the future ace-player of Blue Rain, the club began carefully raising his Blade Master account. This period of time became known as "The Beginnings of the Legends of the Sword Saint." After losing to Yu Wenzhou multiple times during a practice match, Wei Chen, the Captain at that time, made the decision to step down.[2] Fang Shijing took duty as the user of Swoksaar and Captain during Season 3 which allowed Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian a season of extra practice. Blue Rain failed to enter the playoffs that season. He retires at the end of Season 3 and leaves the Captain duties of Yu Wenzhou. During Season 6 of the Alliance, Blue Rain beat Tiny Herb in the finals, stopping Tiny Herb from becoming the 2nd team to win back-to-back championships. In Season 8, Blue Rain lost to Samsara in the finals.

 Current Roster

Name Class Account Team Position
Yu Wenzhou Warlock Swoksaar Captain
Huang Shaotian Blade Master Troubling Rain Vice-Captain
Lu Hanwen Blade Master Flowing Cloud Main Team
Zheng Xuan Spitfire Bullet Rain Main Team
Song Xiao Qi Master Receding Tides Main Team
Li Yuan Summoner Eight Notes Main Team
Xu Jingxi Paladin Soul Speaker


Name Previous Class Current Class Previous Account Current Account Season Previous Team New Team
Yu Feng Berserker Berserker Brilliant Edge Falling Scattered Flowers 9th Season Blue Rain Hundred Blossoms
Lin Feng Thief Thief ??? Doubtful Demon 10th Season Blue Rain Wind Howl


Name Class Account Season Retirement Team Position
Wei Chen* Warlock Swoksaar End of Season 2 Captain
Fang Shijing Warlock Swoksaar End of Season 3 Captain[3]

-* Wei Chen initially retired during the 2nd Season, but was convinced by Ye Xiu to return back to the league. He participated with them, Happy, during the 9th season qualifiers and during the 10th season.


Blue Brook Guild

One of the powerhouse guilds backed by the team Blue Rain. The Heavenly Domain guild is run by Liang Yichun (Changing Spring) while the 10th Server guild is run by Xu Boyuan (Blue River/Blue Bridge). Due to Troubling Rain and Huang Shaotian being in Blue Rain, the guild is composed of many Blade Masters.

Notable Accounts Class Position
Changing Spring Berserker Guild Leader
Blue Bridge Spring Snow/Blue River Blade Master 10th Server Guild Leader
Ice of Dawn Summoner Five Great Expert
Chilling Nightfall Elementalist Five Great Expert
Flying Brushstroke Spitfire Five Great Expert
Poplar Beach Blade Master
Bound Boat Cleric
Flower Lantern Knight
Thundering Light Elementalist
Lunar Grace Witch
Returning Cloud Elementalist



Season 8

Regular Season

Team Individual Group Team Total Result
Excellent Era [4] 1/3 2/2 5/5 8/10 Win
Tiny Herb [5] 1/3 0/2 5/5 6/10 Win


Team Individual Group Team Total Result
Samsara 2/3 0/2.5 0/4 2/9.5 Loss

Season 9

Team Individual Group Team Total Result
Conquering Clouds 1+?/3 ?/2 5/5 ?/10 Win
Tiny Herb ?/3 ?/2 0/5 ?/10 Loss

Season 10

Regular Season

Team Individual Group Team Total Result
Bright Green[6] 9/10 Win
Samsara 1/3 2/2 0/5 3/10 Loss
Happy 2/3 2/2 5/5 9/10 Win
Tiny Herb 1/3 0/2 5/5 6/10 Win
Conquering Clouds


3/3 2/2 5/5 10/10 Win
Hundred Blossoms 0/5 3/10 Loss
Royal Style 0/5 Loss
Thunderclap 3/3 2/2 0/5 5/10 Draw
Parade[8] 2/3 2/2 0/5 4/10 Loss
Void Win
Samsara 5/5 7/10 Win
Lightly 5/5 7/10 Win
Happy 1/3 2/2 5/5 8/10 Win
Tiny Herb 0/3 0/2 5/5 5/10 Draw
Wind Howl 0/3 2/2 0/5 2/10 Loss
Hundred Blossoms 2/3 2/2 5/5 9/10 Win
Parade 2/3 2/2 5/5 9/10 Win
301 Degrees 2/3 2/2 5/5 3/10 Win
Void[9] 8/10 Win


Team Group Team Total Result
Happy 3/5 6/6 9 Loss



  • According to Ye Xiu, Blue Rain's environment is the best place to develop in.[10]


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