A Swordsman sub-class that is available once a player reaches level 20. The class mainly focuses on magic-based attacks and has high dark elemental resistance.[1] Due to the limited amount of skill points, the sub-class can be split into three styles: Phantom Demon, Sword Demon, and Hybrid. Phantom Demons focus on unlocking Boundaries, so they focus on cast speed. Sword Demons focus on Sword Skills, so they focus on attack speed. Hybrids focus on leveling skills from both classes.[2]


Tachi: A weapon with high magic attack, though lower than short swords, but a higher attack speed, which is 7.[3]



Level Skill Name Description
1 Ghost Claw A skill that knocks enemies into the air.[4]
5 Ghost Slash A dark-attributed knockback skill that has a long attack range.[5]
10 Sword Soul (Sword Boundary) A boundary that increases the Strength and Intelligence of the allies inside it. The buffs only last for 20 seconds with a 10 second cool-down.
  • Level 7: Strength and Intelligence increase by 105.[6]
15 Moonlight Slash A knock-up skill.[7]
20 Full Moonlight Slash A skill that has a strong blow away effect.[8]
25 Shadow Image A skill that enables the user to summon a ghost that surrounds the user and is mainly used as defense. The ghost can absorb and reduce damage.
30 Ice Soul (Ice Boundary) A boundary that deals Ice Elemental damage and slows those inside it. It also has the chance to freeze an opponent.[9][1]
Flame Boundary A boundary that has a mob of ghosts jump on enemies inside the boundary, enveloping them in purple flames.[10][1]
Plague Boundary A boundary that decreases the defense of enemies inside.[10][11]
Ash Boundary A boundary that increases the weight of all the equipment worn by the enemies inside. Weight increase is proportional to the level of the skill. At max level, the weight of all equipment is doubled.[11]
Dark Boundary A boundary that blinds the target within it.
Ghost Step A movement skill.
Death's Tombstone A, pure, damaging dealing skill. If a player is hit by a tombstone, they are stunned for a bit.[11]
Ghost Feast A skill that explodes all of the user's set boundaries to deal damage to targets within.[12]

One Inch Ash using Ghost Feast

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