Season 4 of the Glory Professional Alliance


Defending Champions: Excellent Era

New teams: Thunderclap


Player Account Transfer From Transfer to Transfer Fee
Zhang Xinjie Immovable Rock - Tyranny -
Su Mucheng Dancing Rain - Excellent Era -
Huang Shaotian Troubling Rain - Blue Rain -
Yu Wenzhou Swoksaar - Blue Rain -
Chu Yunxiu Windy Rain - Misty Rain -
Xiao Shiqin Life Extinguisher - Thunderclap -
Li Xuan Crying Devil - Void -
Li Yihui Flying Drops - Tiny Herb -
Zheng Xuan Bullet Rain - Blue Rain -
Fang Shijing - Blue Rain (Retired) -
Tian Sen Peaceful Hermit - Royal Style -
Li Yibo - - Tiny Herb -
Fang Minghua Laughing Song - Samsara -
Zhang Jian Punishing Immortal (Retired)

Individual Player Awards

MVP: Han Wenqing (Tyranny)

Best Newcomer: Zhang Xinjie (Tyranny)

Best Partner: Ye Xiu & Su Mucheng (Excellent Era)

Regular Season


Quarter Final Semi Final Final Semi Final Quarter Final
Excellent Era Excellent Era Excellent Era Tyranny Tyranny Hundred Blossoms
Blue Rain Tyranny

Void, Wind Howl, Tiny Herb, ?

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals


Champion Roster

Name Account Class
Han Wenqing Desert Dust Striker
Zhang Xinjie Immovable Rock Cleric
Ji Leng Season Cold Assassin


  • The new players that made their debut in this season are referred to as the Golden Generation.
    • As a joke, they created a group called "The Golden Generation" and use it as a means to talk to each other.
  • 3 out of the 4 "Master Tacticians" made their debut in this season.
  • Most of the players from this generation signed contracts with their clubs that expired at the end of Season 9.


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