Season 9 of the Glory Professional Alliance


Defending Champion: Samsara

New teams: Heavenly Sword

From Revival Tournament: Time[1]


Summer Window

Player Account Transfer From Transfer to Transfer Fee
Zhou Guangyi Season Cold Tyranny Hundred Blossoms
Zhang Qi (New) Thunderclap N/A
Gai Caijie Green Dive (New) Void N/A
Xiao Shiqin Life Extinguisher Thunderclap Excellent Era Exchange
Liu Hao Total Darkness Excellent Era Thunderclap
He Ming Emotionless Magic
Tang Hao - Hundred Blossoms Wind Howl 10 million
Lin Jingyan - Wind Howl Tyranny 1 million
Zhang Jiale - N/A Tyranny Free
- Dazzling Hundred Blossoms Hundred Blossoms Tyranny 16 million
Yu Feng - Blue Rain Hundred Blossoms 6 million
Lu Hanwen Flowing Cloud (New) Blue Rain N/A
Xu Bin - 301 Degrees Tiny Herb Exchange
Li Yihui - Tiny Herb 301 Degrees
- Flying Drops Tiny Herb Samsara 9.5 million
Deng Fusheng - Tiny Herb (Retired) N/A
Guo Yang Excellent Era Wind Howl 2.6 million
Qin Muyun Nine Degrees Below Zero (New) Tyranny N/A

Winter Window

Player Account Transfer From Transfer to Transfer Fee
Shu Kexin No Looking Back N/A Misty Rain
Shu Keyi Unbending Will N/A Misty Rain
- Brilliant Edge Blue Rain Heavenly Sword ?

Match Day

Day 1

Samsara 10 0 Heavenly Sword
Hundred Blossoms 2 8 Misty Rain
Wind Howl 10 0 ?

Day 2

Blue Rain ? ? Conquering Clouds
Tyranny ? ? Royal Style
Hundred Blossoms 3 7 Clear Splendor
Heavenly Sword 1 9 Misty Rain

Day 3

Blue Rain ? ? Royal Style

Day 8

Wind Howl 4 6 ?

Day 9

Wind Howl 2 8 ?

Day 10

Wind Howl 2 8 ?

Day 11

Wind Howl 5 5 ?
Heavenly Sword 7 3 301 Degrees
Tiny Herb ? ? Blue Rain

Day 14

Date: Dec 14

Day 15

Date: Dec 21

Day 16

Date: Dec 28

Individual Player Awards

Regular Season MVP: Zhou Zekai (Samsara)

Best Newcomer: Lu Hanwen (Blue Rain)

Best Partner: Li Xuan and Wu Yuce

One Hit One Kill: Zhou Zekai (Samsara)

King of Dueling: Liu Xiaobie (Tiny Herb)

Damage star:

Regular Season

Team Rank
Tyranny 1
Samsara 2
Wind Howl 3
Tiny Herb 4
Blue Rain 5
Misty Rain 6
Void 7
Hundred Blossoms 8
Heavenly Sword 14


Quarter Final Semi Final Final Semi Final Quarter Final
Tyranny Tyranny Tyranny Samsara Samsara Samsara
Hundred Blossoms Void
Wind Howl Wind Howl Tiny Herb Tiny Herb
Misty Rain Blue Rain

Quarter Finals

First Round:

Second Round:

Semi Finals

First Round:

Second Round:


First Round:

Second Round:

Champion Roster

Name Account Class
Zhou Zekai Cloud Piercer Sharpshooter
Jiang Botao Empty Waves Spellblade
Du Ming Feather Mark Blade Master
Fang Minghua Laughing Song Cleric
Lu Boyuan Chaotic Cloudy Mountains Grappler
Wu Qi Cruel Silence Assassin


  1. Chapter 801


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