God-Level accounts are the Glory's in-game characters that are defined as the most strongest within the game. The accounts have 3 defining characteristics:

  1. Through the previous battles the account has participated in, it has gained fame through the skills that were shown through them
  2. They have high amounts of skill points
  3. The equipment that they wear.[1]


Account Name Team Class Account Nickname
(if available)
Users Silver Weapon
One Autumn Leaf Excellent Era (Former)


Battle Mage Battle God Ye Xiu (Former)
Sun Xiang
Evil Annihilation[2]
Vaccaria Tiny Herb Witch The Magician
The First Witch
Lin Jie (Former)
Wang Jiexi
Stardust Extermination[3]
Troubling Rain Blue Rain Blade Master Sword Saint Huang Shaotian Ice Rain[4]
Desert Dust Tyranny Striker King of Fighting Han Wenqing Flame Fists[5]
Cloud Piercer Samsara Sharpshooter Great Gunner Zhang Yiwei (Former)
Zhou Zekai
Wildfire Revolver (Right) [6]
Shattered Forest (Left) [7]
Dazzling Hundred Blossoms Hundred Blossoms (Former)
Spitfire The First Spitfire Zhang Jiale
Zou Yuan (Former)
Hunting [8]
Swoksaar Blue Rain Warlock The First Warlock Wei Chen (Former)
Fang Shijing (Former)
Yu Wenzhou
Curse of Destruction[9]
Peaceful Hermit Royal Style Exorcist The First Exorcist Guo Ming Yu (Former)
Tian Sen
Death Savvy [8]
Three Hits Wind Howl Brawler The First Brawler Lin Jingyan (Former)
Tang Hao
Blood Sacrifice Terminates the Soul
Immovable Rock Tyranny Cleric The First Cleric Zhang Xinjie Blacklight Cross



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