A Fighter sub-class that is available once a player reaches level 20.




Level Skill Name Description
Toss A skill that throws a target.[1]
Back Throw A knockdown skill that creates a shockwave when the enemy is thrown to the ground.[2] It breaks Super Armor[3] and negates Quick Recovery.[4]
Fling A skill that tosses the target.[5]
20 Receiving Throw A knock-down skill that grabs the opponent and throws them onto the ground.[6]
Spinning Throw A skill that spins the target around in a circle.[7]
Flying Hands A knockdown skill.[8] It grabs a player in one hand and can even grab a second with the other if used correctly, therefore becoming 'Double Flying Hands'.
Aerial Twist A Knockdown skill that involves grabbing a player with the players legs whilst airborne. Can be used simultaneously with some Grappler skills.[9]
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Notable Users

Cheng Tai

Gu Xiye

Li Yihui

Lu Boyuan


Chaotic Cloudy Mountains

Flying Drops

Night Tide