Huang Shaotian (黄少天) is an eSports player of Glory, who made his debut for Blue Rain during Season 4. He is the user of Troubling Rain and the current vice-captain of Blue Rain. He is part of the Golden Generation as well as Blue Rain's trump card. He was a member of the team that became champions during Season 6.


He has yellow hair, brown eyes, and fair skin.


He is a very talkative person, who chats nonstop during matches. He seeks to duel with other players, often spamming "PK" into the chatbox. Even when he talks to Ye Xiu, he constantly wants his favors returned. He is an expert trash talker, simultaneously typing in the chat box and fighting. He can talk to the point where he becomes light-headed. He admits that if the Alliance didn't have the talking rule, it would not be healthy for him. [1] When he is threatened, he will bait his opponent by pointing out their mistakes. He can be ruthless in battle and never fails to seize an opening to defeat his opponent.

Despite his constant chatter, he is a calm person inside. It is this inner calm which allows him to be an expert opportunist.[2]


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