Skills and Abilities

Skill and Abilities

He is a very fast typer to the point that his hand movements seem like a blur.[1]

His playstyle is called the opportunist style. In this, he looks for an opportunity to attack similar to the Assassin class, who are silent when they move to strike. If no opportunities are shown, he ends up having a quiet game and his presence is greatly diminished.[2][3] He developed this skill during the early days of Glory when he was stealing Bosses.[4]

He is able to create 7 shadows from Shadow Steps, though he previously was only able to make 6 1/2.[5]

His highest combo with the Level 70 skill Formless Phantom Blade is 14. It was used while moving his character whilst executing 'One step, One blade, One kill', which was a level higher than Liu Xiaobie's 15-hit combo.[6]

His hand-speed is above 350 APM. [7]

Abilities Rating
Tactics ★★★☆
Operations ★★★★★
Knowledge ★★★★★
Consistency ★★★★
Opportunity seizing ★★★★★★
Chatting ★★★★★★


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