Liu Hao (刘皓) is an eSports player of Glory, who made his debut in Season 5.[1] He became the vice-captain of Excellent Era after helping to force Ye Xiu to retire. After the team was relegated, Liu Hao was transferred to Thunderclap by his club without asking him. In Season 9, he was the captain of the team. Liu Hao transferred again to Wind Howl for Season 10 and became vice-captain replacing Fang Rui, who left for Happy.



Liu Hao is a selfish player, who cares more about himself than others.[2] While Excellent Era was slumping, he abandons the team and focuses on making himself look good, so he could transfer to a different team.

Liu Hao is full of hatred and anger as well. He dislikes Ye Xiu to the point that he helps Tao Xuan in forcing Ye Xiu into retirement. He chases Ye Xiu all the way to the 10th Server in an attempt to bully him. Even after years, he still harbors a great deal of hatred towards Ye Xiu, as he felt like knocking Ye Xiu unconscious when he defeated him in an official match. When Xiao Shiqin appears at his welcoming, he decides to try and meet the fans to break up some of the momentum.


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