A Gunner sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20.

They can be played in a variety of ways; including the use of independent machines makes them similar to a Summoner but they're also capable of both melee and ranged attacks of their own which allows them to directly participate in fights.[1]

Most Mechanic Skills depend on carrying a Mechanical Box rather than their weapon. Mechanical Box is an additional item typically worn at the hip and has no other uses outside of Mechanic Skills.



Automatic Pistol


Level Skill Name Description
5 Mechanical Seeker A kamikaze robot that moves on its own looking for its target.[2]
Mechanical Punch
Rocket Punch
Drill Attack The user waves their left and attaches a machine from their toolbox with a drill bit onto their arm which spins rapidly while the character shoots forward
Machine Trace An explosive that deals damage from below; similar to a mine.[3]
Rotor Wings A skill that enables the user to fly through the air for a limited amount of time.[4]
Rocket Propeller Another movement skill that increases Mechanic's ability to move quickly.
Air Compressor The user throws a device that upon activating blasts an enemy in its range for a long distance.[5] This Blow Away effect is very powerful bu the damage is low.
Bouncing Mine A mine that explodes when stepped on, causing a knockup and sending out shrapnel.[6]
Electromagnetic Coil A trap that only triggers when stepped on. Within a certain of Area of Effect it increases the weight of any enemies, similar to a Ghostblade's Ash Boundary.[7]
Electron Eye A tiny device that floats away from the user and gives them visual feedback from the Eye. It's view range isn't as wide as a characters, though.[8]
Machine Drop
Amplifier A skill that temporarily doubles the damage dealt by the users gadgets.[9]
Air Drops An automated attack that drops explosives on enemies. The attack involves two small melon-shaped drop ships that follow a nearby enemy until all the bombs have been dropped.
Drill Arm Rush[10]
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Notable Users

Xiao Shiqin

Notable Accounts

Life Extinguisher