This is a list of minor characters which appear throughout The King's Avatar.

Blossom Valley

Backlight Bomb

Backlight Bomb is the 10th Server guild leader of Blossom Valley.[1]

He leads four other Blossom Valley members to fight against Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion.[1] Backlight Bomb fights wretchedly. He is suppressed by Steamed Bun.[2] Backlight Bomb is weak at close-range, and he dies to Steamed Bun.[3]

Blue Brook Guild

Flower Lantern

Flower Lantern is one of the team members originally sent to set the Frost Forest record.

He is kicked off when Ye Xiu says they need more DPS players. He is angry from Ye Xiu's demands for a DPS party, which theoretically can clear Frost Forest the fastest.[4] When Ye Xiu turns theory into reality with a record clear of Frost Forest, Flower Lantern apologizes to Ye Xiu.[5]

Lunar Grace

Lunar Grace is a female top-tier expert player of Blue Brook Guild.

She joins the record breaking team when Ye Xiu asks for more DPS players. Ye Xiu asks if she has allocated points to Doll Shururu she replies affirmatively.[6] Lunar Grace is the first to admit that Ye Xiu is superior in skill level to her.[5]

Poplar Beach

Poplar Beach is a member of Blue Brook Guild, who is slightly better at PvP than Blue River. He and Blue River have a tense rivalry between one another.

In Heavenly Domain, Poplar Beach meets Xu Boyuan when Boyuan talks with Changing Spring. Poplar Beach challenges his rival, Boyuan, to a duel in the Arena. Changing Spring breaks up the two before any incident happens to cause trouble in Blue Brook Guild.[7]

Poplar Beach is called up by Liang Yichun to join the 10th Server's Blue Brook Guild's party to set a new record clear for Desolate Lands.[8] Poplar Beach belittles Xu Boyuan for Boyuan's warnings of Lord Grim. Poplar Beach is thrilled that he is substituting for Boyuan in the guild's attempt to break the record clear of Desolate Lands. In three attempts, Poplar Beach and the party fail to break the Desolate Lands record clear time.[9] Poplar Beach is angered when Steamed Bun Invasion called him an illiterate. In a skirimish, Poplar Beach attacks Steamed Bun Invasion, which is halted by Lord Grim. Poplar Beach calls out Lord Grim for a duel.[10]

Poplar Beach and the party break the Desolate Lands record clear time with a time of 24 minutes, 41 seconds, and 46 milliseconds. In the world channel, Poplar Beach challenges Lord Grim to break the Blue Brook Guild record. Poplar Beach is angered by Ye Xiu's repeated responses of "When I'm free," which sounds indifferent.[11]

Poplar Beach sees Ye Xiu's Desolate Lands record clear time of 22 minutes, 35 seconds, and 22 milliseconds. Poplar Beach is in disbelief. The world channel is full of sarcastic attacks on Poplar Beach for his repeated challenges to Ye Xiu to break Blue Brook Guild's record clear of Desolate Lands. On the world channel, Poplar Beach issues a challenge for a duel to Ye Xiu.[12] Poplar Beach choose a simple map in the Arena to duel Ye Xiu, who has Chen Guo's Chasing Haze account enter.[13]

Poplar Beach is surprised that Ye Xiu decides to use a female character, Chasing Haze. Poplar Beach is angered when Ye Xiu claimed that one duel would be enough for everyone. Poplar Beach fights aggressively against Ye Xiu's Chasing Haze. Poplar Beach falls for Ye Xiu's trap of dropping a level 70 Purple weapon and is kicked into the air.[14] In the air, Poplar Beach takes all of the Launcher's high damage skills and dies from a 77-hit combo. When he realizes his inferiority of skill to Ye Xiu, Poplar Beach leaves the Arena.[15] After his humiliating defeat, Poplar Beach logs out of the Heavenly Domain.[16]

Returning Cloud

Returning Cloud is a member of Blue Brook Guild.

He leaves the dungeon team originally to make room for Ye Xiu, but is called back when they needed more DPS players.[6]

After finishing a Line Canyon dungeon run, Returning Cloud and his fellow Blue Brook Guild members run into Lord Grim, who is fighting Blossom Valley and Tyrannical Ambition members. Returning Cloud is shocked. He follows Xu Boyuan away from the battleground.[3]

Thundering Light

Thundering Light is a member of Blue Brook Guild, who takes part in the team, which set a record in Frost Forest with Ye Xiu. He is hesitant about Ye Xiu's idea of an all DPS player party.[4]

Thundering Light is part of the Blue Brook Guild party to kill Frost Forest Wild Boss, Goblin Merchant. He tries to damage the Wild Boss to get aggro but fails to land Raging Flames. A Spitfire of Tyrannical Ambition steals the aggro of Goblin Merchant, who changes paths and dodges the Raging Flames. Thundering Light is infuriated by his missed attack.[17]

After finishing a Line Canyon dungeon run, Thundering Light and his fellow Blue Brook Guild members run into Lord Grim, who is fighting Blossom Valley and Tyrannical Ambition members. Thundering Light is shocked. He follows Xu Boyuan away from the battleground.[3]

Excellent Dynasty


A core member of Excellent Dynasty in the Heavenly Domain. He is not an avid fan of Ye Qiu nor a trusted aide to Chen Yehui, and he is neutral on the matter.

Golden Fragrance

A pompous member of Excellent Dynasty. She is a core member of the guild and a trusted aide to Chen Yehui. Chen Guo dislikes her. Because of this, Ye Xiu targets her and kills her many times, taking multiple Orange Equipment items from her.

Wind Following Sword

A sly player who tried to KS from Tang Rou during the Christmas Thieves Hunting event.

Exterminate the Heavens


An important member of Exterminate the Heavens. She accepted Ye Xiu's request to join the guild when he was using his account Unrivaled Super Hottie. She led the team when they entered Bone Dragon Abyss for the first time.

She was annoyed by Crispy Bean when he felt replaced, and blamed him at first when she learned Unrivaled Super Hottie had left the guild.

Crispy Bean

The main tank for Exterminate the Heavens. He is very proud of his role, and felt threatened by Unrivaled Super Hottie, who was actually Ye Xiu, taking his place. He threatened the guild leader, Senior Exterminate the Heavens, to either choose him or Unrivaled Super Hottie. In the end, he retained his place in the guild and didn't leave.

Senior Exterminate the Heavens

The guild leader of Exterminate the Heavens. Choosing Crispy Bean, he asks Tyrannical Ambition to allow Unrivaled Super Hottie to join.

Full Moon Guild

Maple Tree

Maple Tree is the 10th Server leader of Full Moon Guild. He is not that skilled.

In exchange for four Scarlet Moon parts, he commissions Ye Xiu to set a record clear of Desolate Lands with him under his guild's name.[18] After many practice runs, Maple Tree joins Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Su Mucheng, and Bao Rongxing to attempt to break the record clear time of Desolate Lands. Maple Tree watches Ye Xiu's Lord Grim suppress Ruler Toya.[19] Maple Tree and the party break the Desolate Lands record clear with a time of 28 minutes, 1 second, and 27 milliseconds. Maple Tree pays the four Scarlet Moon parts to Ye Xiu's Lord Grim. The four others leave the Full Moon Guild and Maple Tree to continue dungeoning at Desolate Lands.[20]

Happy Guild

Drifting Water

Drifting Water is former member of Full Moon Guild, who ultimately joins Happy Guild.

He joins Ye Xiu's party to kill Blood Gunner Yagg.[21] Upon Ye Xiu's orders to kill Blood Gunner Yagg faster, he increases his hand speed by 20% with a bit of difficulty at first.[22] He watches Ye Xiu's Lord Grim kill Blood Gunner Yagg.[23] Drifting Water and the others run away from members of the Three Great Guilds.[24]

Forest Landscape

A fan of Ye Qiu and friend of Chen Guo who left Excellent Dynasty when she did.

When Chen Guo formed the guild in the Heavenly Domain, they were the only players "alive," since the other members were alternate accounts.[25]

Horse Shooter

A fan of Su Mucheng, he left his guild, Misty Castle, to join Happy Guild when it was formed.

Sunset Clouds

Sunset Clouds is a former member of Full Moon Guild, who ultimately joins Happy Guild.

He joins Ye Xiu's party to kill Blood Gunner Yagg.[21] Upon Ye Xiu's orders to kill Blood Gunner Yagg faster, he increases his hand speed by 20% to increase the damage output on Blood Gunner Yagg..[22] He watches Ye Xiu's Lord Grim kill Blood Gunner Yagg.[23] Sunset Clouds and the others run away from members of the Three Great Guilds.[24]

Thousand Creations

Thousand Creations is a former Blue Brook Guild member, who loves to kill steal. He is a fairly talented expert at Glory. Thousand Creations has individual strength comparable to Blue Brook Guild's Five Great Experts.[26] He is a huge fan of Ye Qiu, which is why he joined Happy Guild.

He first meets Ye Xiu in Boneyard when he tries to kill steal the monsters Ye Xiu is battling.[27]

Thousand Creations trails Ye Xiu's party from Congee City to Desolate Lands. He notices a lot of other players trailing Ye Xiu's party. Thousand Creations asks Bound Boat to look up these players' names. Thousand Creations learns these players are from the largest guilds.[28]

He tries to kill steal a monster from another player before Thousand Creations is surrounded and killed. He learns from Bound Boat that the killers are not from the large guilds. Thousand Creations goes back to Desolate Lands to see 24 players waiting around for Ye Xiu's Lord Grim. Thousand Creations sees the 24 players encircle Ye Xiu's party while Lord Grim blasts his allies away, which breaks the enemy's encirclement.[29] Thousand Creations follows Ye Xiu's party when they run away from the enemy. He learns from Ye Xiu that the enemy ringleader is Chen Yehui. Thousand Creations hesitates when Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, and Bao Rongxing charge into battle against 24 opponents.[30]

In the fighting, Thousand Creations and his teammates, Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon, cannot fight against multiple opponents, so they join up with Ye Xiu's group. When the enemy runs away, Thousand Creations chases after them, and he realizes that no one is helping him. He is shocked that Ye Xiu's party went to dungeon at Line Canyon.[31]

Herb Garden


A trustworthy and core member of his guild.


A team leader and famous member of his guild. He led a team to fight the Wild Boss, Wilderness Escort. Ye Xiu flung him into a group of Blue Brook Guild members, and he was killed.

Samsara Guild

Three Realms Six Paths

The guild leader of Samsara.

Lonely Drink

Lonely Drink is the 10th Server guild leader of Samsara Guild.

He tries to hire Lord Grim to set the Desolate Lands record clear time for Samsara Guild. Lonely Drink offers four class sets of equipment and is rejected. In the end, he offers eight class sets of equipment and is rejected by Lord Grim.[32]

Lonely Drink leads his forces in chasing Lord Grim and Flowing Tree into the Congee Forest.[33] After losing 10 of his 32 players, Lonely Drink changes the strategy to have groups of at least four players, who are from the same guild.[34] With Samsara Guild, Lonely Drink works with Blossom Valley, Excellent Dynasty, Void Walk, and Tyrannical Ambition. Lonely Drink duels with Flowing Tree, who is spamming word bubbles.[35] Lonely Drink loses his morale when Lord Grim's reinforcements arrive. Lonely Drink and his forces are in complete chaos.[36] After losing 14 of his 32 players, Lonely Drink orders his force to break through Steamed Bun Invasion and Concealed Light's area. Lonely Drink fails, and his forces are trapped.[37] Lonely Drink feels sad that he and his 32 allies are killed by Lord Grim's party.[38]

Outside Congee Forest, Lonely Drink meets with Chen Yehui and Cold Night.[39] Lonely Drink learns that Lord Grim's party is moving towards Line Canyon. Lonely Drink is angry that Lord Grim is continuing to dungeon daily without fear of being killed by the temporary seven guild alliance.[40] Lonely Drink coordinates with six other guilds to hunt down Lord Grim's party.[41] Lonely Drink is infuriated when he learns that five leveling Samsara Guild members died to Lord Grim's party. Lonely Drink lies about his guild's situation to his fellow alliance guild leaders to save face.[42]

Lonely Drink learns from Cold Night that Lord Grim has appeared. Lonely Drink gets the coordinates and dispatches his Samsara Guild's veteran forces to Lord Grim's location to protect the experts, who will eventually exit the Line Canyon dungeon.[43] Lonely Drink and the alliance forces reach Lord Grim's last location too late, and they see the character corpses, the blood, and the battle scars on the land. Lonely Drink and the alliance members guard the dungeon entrances and scout the nearby area for Lord Grim's party.[44]

Tyrannical Ambition

Happy Sheep

He is a member of Tyrannical Ambition's fourth branch and a the leader of a dungeon team for one of Tyrannical Ambition's branch guilds. He helps lead the 100-man team for Tomb in the Sky.

Wolf Head calls him "Old Sheep."

Seven Blossom Leaves

A kind Knight, part of Tyrannical Ambition's fourth branch guild. He was not offended when Ye Xiu took his place, and he respects his skill.

Wolf Head

He is a member of Tyrannical Ambition's fifth branch and a rival dungeon team leader to Happy Sheep. The two of them are rivals since they both lead a team for Tomb in the Sky and have similar progress records. Happy Sheep calls him "Big Head."

With 50,000 wins in the Arena, he has a 75% win rate. Ye Xiu recognizes that it will not go any higher since his percentages have peaked already.[45]


Immersed Jade

An unaffiliated player online. She is a newbie to Glory and does not have much skill.[46] Despite this, Ye Xiu is patient while teaching her. She works hard and apologizes for her mistakes. She gains a lot of knowledge from her first experience in a dungeon. Immersed Jade is respectful to Ye Xiu by calling him "Great God."[47]

Sparse Fragrance

The leader of a group of professional scrap pickers. They were attempting to loot players battling the Wild Boss, Wilderness Escort, when they met Ye Xiu.

He told Ye Xiu about a hole in the ground that the boss could be trapped in.

Zero Kills

A random player who becomes the fifth member in a team Arena battle. He has little skill. During the battle, he was more a cheerleader and didn't really fight. After Ye Xiu's team won, he was given a Purple Weapon even though he did nothing.


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