A Priest sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. The class is a mix between the two Priest sub-classes Knight and Cleric. It has a formidable defense that could take over the tanking role and does not lack in the healing department.[1][2] Although it can be used as a Main Tank, it isn't as popular to use as a Knight due to the Paladin's slow aggro building and passiveness. They also use healing to build aggro.[3]


Axe: A two-hand weapon.[4]



Plate Armour: A type of equipment with powerful defensive capabilities.[6]


Level Skill Name Description
Holy Shield A shield which, when activated, emits a golden light. It can resist all damage.[7]
Life Activation A skill which increases the health regeneration speed of a character. Typically, users cast it on themselves before they begin tanking.[8]
Halo Smash A defensive skill that can send any possible attack towards a different location whether the attack is physical or magical.[6]
Holy Light Strike A skill which does physical and magic damage.[9]
Grab Skills Super Armor Skills AoE Skills Passive Skills Class Awakening Skill

Notable Users

Ren Junchi

Xu Jingxi

Ye Xiu

Yuan Baiqing

Notable Accounts

Soul Speaker

Sullen Kitten



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