Pro accounts are accounts used by players in the Glory Professional Alliance. When they play in the servers, they have their Guild Tags on them.[1]


Battle Mage

Account Name Team Users
Combat Form Excellent Era Qiu Fei
Euphorbia Tiny Herb Xiao Yun
Homeward Bound Heavenly Sword Wen Ke Bei
One Autumn Leaf Excellent Era (Former)
Ye Xiu (Former)
Sun Xiang
Soft Mist Happy Tang Rou


Account Name Team Users
Beautiful Light Wind Howl Zhao Yuzhe
Emotionless Magic Excellent Era (Former)
He Ming (Former)
Lurou Miracle He Ming
Ocean Ahead Heavenly Sword Zou Yunhai
Ruota Tyranny Bai Yanfei
Sound Dust Thunderclap Dai Yanqi
Windy Rain Misty Rain Chu Yunxiu


Account Name Team Users
Dark Flower Hundred Blossoms Zhang Wei
Kind Tree Tiny Herb Gao Yingjie
Vaccaria Tiny Herb Lin Jie (Former)
Wang Jiexi


Account Name Team Users
Concealed Light Happy Luo Ji
Eight Notes Blue Rain Li Yuan
Wind Carves Hundred Blossoms Zhu Xiaoping

Blade Master

Account Name Team Users
Flowing Cloud Blue Rain Lu Hanwen
Flying Sword Tiny Herb Liu Xiaobie
Moon-Luring Frost Samsara Du Ming
Stellar Sword 301 Degrees Gao Jie
Ten Thousand Swords Jade Dynasty (Former)
Lin Yi
Troubling Rain Blue Rain Huang Shaotian


Account Name Team Users
Anxious Ghost Jade Dynasty
Carved Ghost Void Wu Yuce
Crying Devil Void Li Xuan
One Inch Ash Happy Qiao Yifan
Rangoon Creeper Tiny Herb Zhou Yebai


Account Name Team Users
Another Summer of Sleep Happy (Former)
Heavenly Sword
Sun Zheping
Bamboo Leopard Tiny Herb Liang Fang
Blossoming Chaos Hundred Blossoms Sun Zheping (Former)
Yu Feng
Brilliant Edge Blue Rain (Former)
Heavenly Sword
Yu Feng (Former)
Cross Knife Conquering Clouds Sun Xiang (Former)
Loulan Slash Heavenly Sword Lou Guanning
Severed Yearning Jade Dynasty Zheng Shengcao


Account Name Team Users
Empty Waves Samsara Jiang Botao
Go Forth Everlasting He An
Harris Miracle Xiang Yuanwei
Quentinkin Everlasting (Former) Yu Hongliang (Former)
Total Darkness Excellent Era (Former)
Thunderclap (Former)
Wind Howl
Liu Hao


Account Name Team Users
Cloud Piercer Samsara Zhang Yiwei (Former)
Zhou Zekai
Flawless Tiny Herb Li Ji
Kassidy Miracle Wang Ze
Lower Your Head Misty Rain Shu Keyi
Matchstick Excellent Era Wang Ze (Former)
Nine Degrees Below Zero Tyranny Qin Muyun
None Dare Attack Misty Rain Shu Kexin
Red Leaves Tiny Herb Liu Fei
Shoot Here Everlasting
Something to Hide Misty Rain (Former)
Lu Yining


Account Name Team Users
Dancing Rain Excellent Era (Former)
Su Muqiu (Former)
Su Mucheng
Dawn Rifle Everlasting (Former)
Wu Chen
Translucent Void Yang Haoxuan


Account Name Team Users
Life Extinguisher Excellent Era (Former)
Xiao Shiqin


Account Name Team Users
Bright Blossoms Hundred Blossoms Zou Yuan
Bullet Rain Blue Rain Zheng Xuan
Dazzling Hundred Blossoms Hundred Blossoms (Former)
Zou Yuan (Former)
Zhang Jiale
Flash Memory Royal Style Zhang Lin (Former)
Shen Wanhe
Invisible Void Ge Zhaolan


Account Name Team Users
Desert Dust Tyranny Han Wenqing
Forget the River Miracle Shen Jian
River Sunset Tyranny Song Qiying
Successive Strike Excellent Era Shen Jian (Former)


Account Name Team Users
Broken Wind Thunderclap Cheng Tai
Chaotic Cloudy Mountains Samsara Lu Boyuan
Flying Drops Tiny Herb (Former)
Li Yihui (Former)
Moving Mountain 301 Degrees Li Yihui
Night Tide Heavenly Sword Gu Xiye


Account Name Team Users
Dark Thunder Tyranny Lin Jingyan (Former)
Delilo Hundred Blossoms Tang Hao (Former)
Ceng Xingran
Demon Subduer Wind Howl Lin Jingyan (Former)
Tang Hao
Steamed Bun Invasion Happy Bao Rongxing

Qi Master

Account Name Team Users
Boundless Sea Seaside (Former)
Zhao Yang (Former)
Fang Rui
Heavenly Rage Everlasting
Qi Breaker Excellent Era (Former)
Wind Howl
Wu Xuefeng (Former)
Guo Yang
Receding Tides Blue Rain Song Xiao


Account Name Team Users
Cruel Silence Samsara Wu Qi
Force of Evil Thunderclap Fang Xuecai
Ghost Firefly Void Li Xun
Gray Month Tiny Herb Qiao Yifan (Former)
Scene Killer 301 Degrees Yang Cong
Cold Seasons Tyranny (Former)
Hundred Blossoms
Ji Leng (Former)
Zhou Guangyi


Account Name Team Users
Dark Forest Misty Rain Li Hua
Deception Happy Mo Fan


Account Name Team Users
Doubtful Demon Wind Howl Fang Rui (Former)
Lin Feng


Account Name Team Users
Leopold Everlasting
Swoksaar Blue Rain Wei Chen (Former)
Fang Shijing (Former)
Yu Wenzhou
Windward Formation Happy Wei Chen


Account Name Team Users
Aweto Tiny Herb Fang Shiqian (Former)
Yuan Baiqing
Immovable Rock Tyranny Zhang Xinjie
Laughing Song Samsara Fang Minghua
Little Cold Hands Happy An Wenyi
Proud Wind Flower Hundred Blossoms Mo Chuchen
Returning Wind Thunderclap Zhang Jiaxing
Royal Spirit Wind Howl Ruan Yongbin
Thousand Falling Leaves Heavenly Sword Zhong Yeli
Woven Shadow Excellent Era Zhang Jiaxing (Former)


Account Name Team Users
Angelica Tiny Herb Deng Fusheng (Former)
Xu Bin
Bough Sprout Bai Shu (Former)
Mountain Split Tyranny Zheng Chenfeng
Tide 301 Degrees Xu Bin (Former)
Bai Shu


Account Name Team Users
Green Drive Void Gai Caijie
Peaceful Hermit Royal Style Guo Ming Yu (Former)
Lu Liang (Former)
Tian Sen


Account Name Team Users
Gentle Angel Royal Style Ren Junchi
Guardian Void Tang Lisheng
Powerful Angel Light Mysterious Fantasy
Soul Speaker Blue Rain Xu Jingxi
Wind Guard Tiny Herb Fang Shiqian (Former)
Yuan Baiqing
Zero Qi 301 Degrees Sun Mingjin


Account Name Team Users
Lord Grim Happy Su Muqiu (Former)
Ye Xiu


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