A Fighter sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. An all-rounder class that consists of both offensive and defensive skills.[1] Their close-combat skills are not something to be noteworthy, and consist of mainly mid-ranged skills, but the range, of those attacks, can't defeat the range of a Gunner. This class mainly does magic damage, with many being Area of Effect skills.[2][3] Because of the passive skill True Qi Protection, they have better defensive stats than other Cloth classes.[4]



Level Skill Name Description
Qi Bullet A slow flying projectile that does magic damage.[2]
Calm and Composed A skill that negates the effects of a taunt.[5]
Slipstream It has a slight AoE effect.[6]
Sky Piercing Strike A powerful AoE skill which deals a lot of damage and covers a wide range. It shoots a stream of qi, at the opponent. It does not need to be aimed towards the sky.[7][3]
Dragon Wave The characters build qi in their fist, and launches a dragon, made of qi, from their fist. The dragon can be freely controlled. The skill can be used to hit an opponent, oneself or a friendly.
  • Hitting oneself or a friendly grants a buff to strength and deals no damage to either.
  • If the skill hits an opponent, it deals damage and grants a debuff to attack power and attack speed.[3]
One With The Wind Activating this skill causes mana to deplete overtime.[8]
True Qi Protection A Passive skill that affects the players defense in proportion to their mana. The higher the amount of mana, the better the defensive stat that is given by this skill. When mana is used, the effectiveness of this skill lowers.[4]
Nen Guard Defensive skill that absorbs incoming damage. Lasts 30 seconds.[9]
Cloud Grasping Fist A dangerous grab skill.[10]
75 Pulse Break An AOE skills that does damage and decreases the stats, physical and magical defense of the opponent.[11]
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Notable Users

Fang Rui

Guo Yang[12]

Song Xiao

Wu Xuefeng

Zhao Yang

Notable Accounts

Boundless Sea

Heavenly Rage

Receding Tides

Qi Breaker