A Swordsman sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. Despite being a Swordsman sub-class, they do not excel in close-range combat but instead fare better in mid-range combat as their Wave Formations and Wave Swords are mid-range AOE skills. They gain stats proficiency from Plate Armor.

The Wave Swords for Spellblades are cast instantly, whereas the Wave Formations require a chant.[1]


Tachi: A weapon with high magic attack, though lower than short swords, but a higher attack speed, which is 7. [2]

Short Sword: A weapon with the highest magic attack, with a usual attack speed of 5.




Level Skill Name Description
5 Wave Splitting Sword
20 Killing Wave
Wave Wheel Slasher A grab skill that is used to break Super Armor.[4][5]
Earthquake Sword A skill that sends a shockwave to the direction it was hit.[6]
Electric Wave Formation A cast spell that stores up energy that creates a circular sphere and damages though inside of it. This spell cannot be dodged if a player is inside of the sphere, but can be interrupted before it is casted.

  • At max level, this skill has a range of 15 units.[7]
Ice Wave Formation A cast spell that sends an Ice Elemental attack a location. It has a high chance of freezing.[8]
Chilling Sword Pulse A Ice Elemental type skill that shoots shards of ice. It can freeze the enemy.[9]
Firewave Sword A Fire Elemental type skill that causes high damage.[10] It has a powerful knockback effect.[11]

Empty Waves using Firewave Sword

Earth Wave Sword The fastest wave sword that has some range.[11]
Icewave Sword An Ice Elemental type skill that causes high damage. It has a chance to freeze the target.
Thunderwave Sword A Light Elemental type skill that causes high damage.
Darkwave Sword A Dark Elemental type skill that causes high damage.
Ice Wave Slash An Ice Elemental skill that creates ice crystals on the ground that move towards the target.[12]
75 Nebula Sword
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Liu Hao

Jiang Botao

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