A Gunner sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. When a spitfire reloads, it means that they're switching bullet types. Players are granted 15 special bullets, and 20 when they use the skill Ammunition Expansion.[1] Spitfires usually wield one Pistol and use their off-hand to throw Grenades.[2] Given Glory doesn't restrict most weapon types from being equipped by different classes this is probably a strategic decision rather than a limitation of the class.


Automatic Pistol


Level Skill Name Description
Floating Bullet A bullet with a strong knock-up effect[3]
  • The smaller the gun, the faster the speed of the bullet
Grenade Throws a grenade within a certain range that explodes shortly after dealing very low AoE damage and creating a knockback effect.
  • Possesses an extemely low cooldown, allowing it to be used consecutively.[4]
Stun Bullet A bullet with a strong stun effect and 10 second cooldown. Slower than an average bullet and has a distinctive appearance.
20 Ammunition Expansion A skill that allows the user to expand the amount of bullets they can hold.[1]
Flash Bullet
Burst Grenade A grenade the deals average damage but has an impact so powerful that it's knockback can't even be stopped by Super Armor.[5]
Timed Grenade A grenade that explodes after an interval set by the user, up to 8 seconds.
Seeker Grenade A grenade with a propeller, like a mini helicopter; it locks onto a target and follows them in order to explode on impact.[6]
Remote Control Grenade The user holds a Remote Control in their left hand in order to direct the grenade.
30 Ice Bullet An ice bullet that moves slower than a regular bullet. This type of a bullet has the chance to freeze whoever it hits.[1]
Smoke Bullet A bullet that fills the air with smoke.[7]
Incendiary Device:[8]
Chaotic Thunder Nicknamed 'Goddess Scattering Flowers' this attack involves the user reaching into their hip pockets, withdrawing countless grenades between their fingers then sending them flying towards enemies. The grenades are a mix of all sorts of Spitfire grenades so the effect of each will vary.[9]
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Notable Users

Zhang Jiale

Zheng Xuan

Zou Yuan

Chen Wanhe

Notable Accounts

Backlight Bomb

Blowing Clouds

Bright Blossoms

Bullet Rain

Dazzling Hundred Blossoms

Dazzling Spring

Flying Brushstroke

Flash Save


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