A Fighter sub-class that is available once a player reaches Level 20. They have some of the lowest attack ranged attacks.[1]



Boxing Gloves


Level Skill Name Description
1 Launching Kick A knock-up skill.[2]
5 Front Kick A small knock-back skill.[3]
10 Straight Punch A skill that sends the user forward and also knocks the opponent back. It can be used to close the distant between two entities.[4]
Eagle Stamp
Eagle stamp

Eagle Stamp

A skill that moves the user downwards. The height of the user affects the damage and shock wave size. This attack is not limited to one stamp, and can reach 5 stamps.[5][4]
15 Reinforced Iron Bones A defensive skill that gives the user defensive buffs for 20 seconds. The player has both Physical Defense buffs and Super Armor.[6]
Cloud Body A movement skill that allows the user to move faster. [7][8]
Whirlwind Kick The user raises their leg and kicks forward causing a wind to shoot from the leg.[9]
Collapsing Fist A skill that blows away players on the side of the user, while throwing a punch at the target.
30 Empty-Handed Blade Block A dismantling skill that parries a player incoming strike, and then counter-attacks. This skill has a 100% to hit if the parry if successful, but is difficult to execute. If the players block fails, then the counter-attack does not initiate.[2]
Dual Tiger Fists
Emperor's Fist An attack skill with immense power and speed. The user crouches into a horse stance with the left hand swaying and the right hand on the users waist.This skill has a long cooldown time.[10]

Desert Dust using Emperor's Fist

60 Soaring Tiger An Ultimate skill that swiftly moves the user forward with their feet aimed at the intended target.[9]
70 Ferocious Tiger Flurry An attack skill that sends forth many punches that can be controlled by the user.[11]
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Notable Users

Han Wenqing

Shen Jian

Song Qiying

Notable Accounts

Desert Dust


Seven Fields

Senior Exterminate the Heavens[12]