As an orphan, she was raised by her brother, Su Muqiu. After an unnamed event, they had to survive outside the orphanage. Though they weren't rich, with her brother's talent in gaming, they lived a peaceful life.[1]

Around the time Glory first opened, the siblings met Ye Xiu. As he and Su Muqiu played together, Su Mucheng would watch them fondly.[2] However, her brother died when he was only 18.[1] She would later enter the Alliance with Dancing Rain, the character he originally signed onto Excellent Era with.


Volume 1: Banished Battle God

Su Mucheng accompanies Ye Xiu to the Excellent Era conference room, where she meets the club manager, her teammates, and Sun Xiang. Mucheng argues against Ye Xiu's contract cancellation to no effect. Mucheng's worst fears become reality when Ye Xiu signs the papers to retire as a condition for his contract cancellation. She accompanies him to the exit.[3] Ye Xiu promises her, “I’ll rest a year and then come back.” Mucheng cries and watches Ye Xiu walk away.[4]

In the 301 Degrees vs. Excellent Era match, Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain duels against Gao Jie's Stellar Sword for the first round of the Individual Challenge. Mucheng ignores Gao Jie's implied insult against her being a girl. Mucheng's Dancing Rain scouts a small area and chooses a high ground to overlook the area. She leaves footprints as a trap for Gao Jie. Mucheng uses Aerial Fire to move and fires an Anti-Tank Missile at Stellar Sword. She fires a (FIM-92) Stinger, a Heat-Seeking Missile, and the Launcher's Ultimate Skill, Satellite Beam, to reduce Stellar Sword's health by one-third. Mucheng is able to use Dancing Rain's long-range advantage to suppress Gao Jie's Stellar Sword. Dancing Rain kills Stellar Sword with an Anti-Tank Missile.

In the Team Challenge, Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain is isolated from her team by Yang Cong's Scene Killer. Mucheng attempts to maintain distance from Yang Cong. After a lengthy retreat, Dancing Rain dies to Scene Killer. Mucheng and her teammates lose the Team Challenge. Excellent Era loses to 301 Degrees, 3-7.

Su Mucheng picks up a phone call from Ye Xiu and asks where he is calling from. She learns that Ye Xiu is working on the night shift at the Happy Internet Cafe. She learns that Ye Xiu is leveling up Lord Grim and agrees to help Ye Xiu on the 10th Server. Mucheng's mood improves after hearing from Ye Xiu. She plays Glory in order to support Ye Xiu and not for the fame. Mucheng receives a phone call from her agent. Mucheng tells her agent that she will not attempt to transfer out of Excellent Era. Mucheng puts on a disguise and goes out to a newspaper stand to buy a Glory account card. She is amazed that Ye Xiu notices her under the disguise. Mucheng returns to her room and starts up Glory with her new account. She finds Lord Grim and is shocked to learn someone else is playing on Ye Xiu's account. She chats with Ye Xiu about her account name, Cleansing Mist, which surprised Ye Xiu. Mucheng learns from Ye Xiu that the earlier user of Lord Grim, Tang Rou, possesses great mechanical skill and fast hand speed. Mucheng starts to level her Cleansing Mist account.

Su Mucheng levels quickly. She learns from Ye Xiu, who is leveling up Soft Mist, that Tang Rou does not know much about the professional Glory scene. Hearing for Ye Xiu, Mucheng laughs when Liu Hao lost face the night before when Tang Rou fails to recognize him. At noon, Mucheng's Cleansing Mist levels up to 13. She goes offline for lunch while Ye Xiu goes to sleep. At nighttime, Mucheng levels up with Ye Xiu's Lord Grim in order to speed up Cleansing Mist's progress. Mucheng's Cleansing Mist temporarily joins the guild, Tyrannical Ambition, for the record clear attempt of Frost Forest. In the first attempt, Mucheng acts as the primary player to pull the monsters because Launchers have the longest range in Glory. As MTs and DPSers, Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, and Bao Rongxing take the aggro of the monsters from Mucheng while Crowd Lover deals large AoE damage. Mucheng is the linchpin for the One Wave Push tactic.

Su Mucheng explains to Tang Rou that their level 25 weapons allows the party to output more damage and to reach their full potential. Mucheng executes Delivery Gun with the BBQ skill on the Goblin Patrol Guard. Mucheng is told by Ye Xiu to never use Delivery Gun, which will expose her identity to Crowd Lover and Tyrannical Ambition. The scandal of an Excellent Era player helping Tyranny's main guild would be massive. Mucheng smiles when the party breaks the previous Frost Forest clear record with a time of 13 minutes, 5 seconds, and 47 milliseconds. After leveling with the party, Mucheng logs off to rest.

Su Mucheng is invited by Ye Xiu to join Seven Fields, Sleeping Moon, and Tang Rou's Soft Mist to break Tyrannical Ambition's Boneyard record clear time of 25 minutes, 14 seconds, and 32 milliseconds. Mucheng and the party unexpectedly run into the Hidden Boss, Vampire Knight Logue. Mucheng follows Ye Xiu's order for her to help Tang Rou. Mucheng adjusts her attacking tempo to match Tang Rou before Mucheng takes over the tempo on accident, which annoys Tang Rou. With Ye Xiu salvaging the situation, Mucheng explains that Tang Rou should learn the methods of coordinating with her teammates. Mucheng's Cleansing Mist fires an Anti-Tank Missile to initiate the attack on Vampire Knight Logue.

Su Mucheng watches Tang Rou's Soft Mist get marked for life steal by Vampire Knight Logue's bats. Mucheng and Ye Xiu salvage the situation by fighting the Hidden Boss. Mucheng and Ye Xiu knock the Hidden Boss away to prevent the Hidden Boss from marking a player to life steal from, which is a legendary solution. Cleansing Mist, Lord Grim, and Soft Mist kill Vampire Knight Logue, which rewards a Purple Shield and a Purple Cloak. Due to Tang Rou's insistence, they roll for the Purple Cloak, and Ye Xiu wins. In the next two dungeon runs, Mucheng and the party fail Boneyard to break the record clear time due to mistakes from Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon. On the fourth and final attempt at Boneyard, Mucheng and the party break Tyrannical Ambition's record with a clear time of 23 minutes, 54 seconds, and 71 milliseconds.

Su Mucheng joins Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Bao Rongxing, and Liu Hao for a Boneyard dungeon run to experiment on Ye Xiu's new strategy. Mucheng initially doubts Ye Xiu's strategy. When she sees Ye Xiu trap one monster in a stone wall's crack with three monster corpses, Mucheng realizes that the saved time adds up. When the party finishes training, Mucheng logs off.

In the first attempt for the Boneyard record clear time, Su Mucheng plays well without any large mistakes. For the Blue Brook Guild, Mucheng and the party set the new Boneyard record clear at 17 minutes, 22 seconds, and 17 milliseconds.[5]

Volume 2: Beginnings of the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella

After Excellent Dynasty breaks the last Boneyard record with a time of 16 minutes, 56 seconds, and 78 milliseconds, Mucheng joins Ye Xiu to practice with Huang Shaotian. Mucheng is annoyed by the constant talking from Shaotian, who learns the new Boneyard strategy. After one practice run, Mucheng and the party set the new Boneyard record clear time of 16 minutes, 24 seconds, and 67 milliseconds. When Mucheng walks through the Excellent Era hall, she greets and sarcastically thanks Liu Hao for his help as Hateful Sword. When Liu Hao shouts at her, Mucheng coldly stares down the angry Liu Hao, who retreats. Mucheng walks away.

Su Mucheng goes online to join Ye Xiu for the Desolate Lands record clear attempt. Mucheng joins Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Bao Rongxing, and Maple Tree to learn the strategy in a practice dungeon run of Desolate Lands. Mucheng teaches Ye Xiu's strategy to Maple Tree. Mucheng leads in outputting long-range damage while Maple Tree follows. After three runs, Mucheng and the party fail to break the record due to Maple Tree's poor performances. At 2:00 in the morning, Mucheng tells Ye Xiu not to worry about her time spent leveling her Cleansing Mist account and logs off.

For the second set of attempts at Desolate Lands, Su Mucheng attempts to surprise Ye Xiu by showing up disguised at Happy Internet Cafe. At the front desk, Mucheng sits next to Ye Xiu. Mucheng's Cleansing Mist accepts a level 30 Purple Handcannon from Ye Xiu's Lord Grim. Mucheng joins Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Bao Rongxing, and Maple Tree for an attempt to break the Desolate Lands record clear time. Mucheng assists with Ye Xiu's suppression of the final Boss, Ruler Toya. Mucheng and the party clear Desolate Lands in record time, 28 minutes, 1 second, and 27 milliseconds. Without Maple Tree, Mucheng joins Ye Xiu's party to run the Desolate Lands dungeon for experience and possible equipment drops. After finishing the dungeon runs, Mucheng logs off. She is persuaded by Ye Xiu to stay at the Internet cafe for instant noodles.

Su Mucheng eats instant noodles and watches a drama that Chu Yunxiu recommended on half of Ye Xiu's computer screen. While Ye Xiu plays Glory on the other half of the screen, Mucheng tells Ye Xiu that she wants the Light Source Top because the Light Source equipment is pretty. Mucheng fell asleep while Ye Xiu continues to play Glory and watch the drama. When Ye Xiu rates the drama poorly, Mucheng calls him out that he is looking down on Yunxiu's tastes of television dramas. After 7:00 in the morning, Su Mucheng leaves with Ye Xiu to eat breakfast at a restaurant.

Su Mucheng joins Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, and Bao Rongxing to kill the Wild Boss of Fire Forest, Fire Witch Cashew. Mucheng's Cleansing Mist and Ye Xiu's Lord Grim engaged Fire Witch Cashew. Mucheng and Ye Xiu gain aggro and retreats from the Wild Boss. Mucheng and Ye Xiu lure the Wild Boss into running in circles. With Tang Rou, Rongxing, and Ye Xiu interrupting Fire Witch Cashew's skills, Mucheng uses her character's long range to deal damage at a safe distance. After three and a half hours, Mucheng and the party kill the wild boss and achieve the first kill of Fire Witch Cashew.

Near the entrance of the Desolate Lands dungeon, Su Mucheng's Cleansing Mist meets Qiao Yifan's One Inch Ash. On the first dungeon run of Desolate Lands, Mucheng, Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Bao Rongxing, and Yifan go to practice Ye Xiu's strategy. For the second attempt, Mucheng and the party aim to break Blue Brook Guild's record clear time. Mucheng and the party destroy Blue Brook Guild's Desolate Lands record clear with a time of 22 minutes, 35 seconds, and 22 milliseconds. On the third and final Desolate Lands run, Mucheng and the party improve on their old record with a time of 22 minutes, 29 seconds, and 57 milliseconds. Afterward, Mucheng logs off to rest.

At Line Canyon, Su Mucheng tells Huang Shaotian that Ye Xiu has no time for a duel. When Shaotian claims Mucheng has no future, Mucheng responds by saying she does what she wants. Mucheng and the party stumble upon Line Canyon's Hidden Boss, Illusion Swordmaster Ahong. In contrast to Tang Rou and Bao Rongxing, Mucheng coordinates well with Ye Xiu and Qiao Yifan to suppress the hidden boss. With the hidden boss at red blood, Mucheng narrowly dodges the Shadow Step copy boss's attacks. When Ye Xiu makes a few mistakes and takes some damage, Mucheng fires an artillery shell near Lord Grim to save Ye Xiu from the hidden boss. Mucheng and the party fight relentlessly and trade damage to kill Illusion Swordmaster Ahong. Mucheng looks at the item drops and sees the Line Canyon Map Piece Three, which is one of the four pieces that necessary for a party to go to a hidden dungeon. Mucheng and the party break the Line Canyon record clear with a time of 30 minutes, 21 seconds, and 56 milliseconds. Mucheng and Yifan log off to rest.

On the 10th Server, Su Mucheng logs on to her Cleansing Mist account and arrives at Desolate Lands. Mucheng and Qiao Yifan meet up and run away from their attackers. Mucheng tells Ye Xiu that dozens of enemies, who are level 33, are chasing her and Yifan. Mucheng and Yifan move sneakily into rundown buildings, which are common at Desolate Lands. They split up and hide in different buildings to divide the enemy forces. Mucheng is surprised that there are two enemies that are in front of their hiding place, so she and Yifan attack the two opponents. Mucheng and Yifan suppress their enemies to death and go back to hide in the destroyed house.

At Congee Forest, Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan arrive as Ye Xiu's reinforcements and fight against the enemy forces. Mucheng and Yifan join Tang Rou, Bao Rongxing, and Concealed Light in attacking the enemy's rear. Mucheng coordinates with Ye Xiu to suppress their opponents. Mucheng follows Ye Xiu's orders to prevent the enemy forces from retreating.

After wiping out the enemy forces, Su Mucheng and the other party members compare each other's number of enemy player kills. Mucheng follows Ye Xiu's lead in fleeing the battleground, which will eventually swarm with enemy reinforcements. Mucheng playfully reveals Flowing Tree's true identity as Huang Shaotian to Qiao Yifan, which infuriates Shaotian. Mucheng goes to Line Canyon with Ye Xiu to attempt to set a new record clear. At Line Canyon, Su Mucheng sees Tang Rou and Bao Rongxing's performances drop.[6]

Volume 3: Golden Strategy

Mucheng watches Tang Rou and Rongxing compete to see who will kill two monsters in a limited practice. Mucheng, Qiao Yifan, and Ye Xiu predict that Rongxing, who has more stable hand speed, will win. Rongxing wins. Mucheng and the party exits the dungeon. Mucheng assists Ye Xiu in assassinating Endless Night and the four other Tyrannical Ambition members. Mucheng waits with Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Rongxing, and Yifan to hunt other enemy guilds. Mucheng helps Ye Xiu obliterate five Samsara Guild members. With her superior range, Mucheng supports her teammates by attacking from afar. She joins Yifan and Tang Rou in destroying the five Void Walk members. Mucheng goes to help Ye Xiu and Rongxing against the remaining Blossom Valley members.

Su Mucheng supports Ye Xiu against Crowd Lover and four other Tyrannical Ambition members. Mucheng coordinates with Ye Xiu to use the dead angle strategy to attack the enemy's blind spot and the "Screen Cannon" strategy, which a support tactic used by long-range classes.[7] Mucheng helps Ye Xiu suppress the Tyrannical Ambition members. With the help of Tang Rou and Qiao Yifan, Mucheng and Ye Xiu overwhelm the remaining opponents. After wiping out the enemies, Mucheng follows Ye Xiu to avoid any paths with the enemy alliance members. At 2:00 in the morning, Mucheng helps Ye Xiu set a new Line Canyon record clear time of 29 minutes, 51 seconds, and 44 milliseconds. The time is okay because Mucheng and her party, who have four level 31s and one level 30 character, are below the level 33 ceiling, so the time can be improved at later levels. After exiting the dungeon, Mucheng logs off to rest.

Su Mucheng learns that Ye Xiu will have a 5v5 PvP team competition against Zhang Xinjie. Mucheng learns that Ye Xiu stole a wild boss from Tyrannical Ambition, which caused Tyrannical Ambition to call XInjie for help. Mucheng sends a new profile picture to Ye Xiu, which is a sloppy handwritten Chinese character for to smile or laugh and appears as the Chinese character for to cry.

Mucheng logs onto her Cleansing Mist account. Mucheng is joyful when she meets Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim at the Line Canyon. Mucheng is disappointed with the character corpses beside Lord Grim. Mucheng and Ye Xiu go to Bulls Town. Mucheng is disdainful when he hears Huang Shaotian’s voice. Mucheng, Ye Xiu, Shaotian, and Steamed Bun Invasion meet at the Arena. Mucheng is shocked when she learns from Ye Xiu that their Assassin teammate, Zero Kills, is a random player. Mucheng fires three Anti-Tank Missiles at the Tyrannical Ambition team, who separates and dodges the attack. Mucheng suppresses the Tyrannical Ambition Sharpshooter. She suppresses the Striker into the lava river. Mucheng and the team suppress the Tyrannical Ambition team into surrendering.

Su Mucheng and Ye Xiu go to Congee City to rescue Bao Rongxing. With Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, Mucheng fights and easily escapes from the enemy players. At a village near Congee City, Mucheng meets Rongxing. With Ye Xiu and Rongxing, Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist ambushes and kills the enemy pursuers. At Fire Forest, Mucheng attacks and kills the enemy guild alliance members.

Su Mucheng fights monsters while maintaining a safe distance from the large enemy formation. She learns from Ye Xiu that they are waiting for the Fire Witch Cashew to respawn. Mucheng chases after two Parade guild members and realizes that the Fire Witch Cashew spawned. Mucheng and Rongxing hide while Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim goes out to create chaos. Mucheng watches the chaos when the seven enemy guilds fight amongst themselves. She finally understands why they entered the Fire Forest. Mucheng learns from Ye Xiu to retreat. Mucheng goes to Line Canyon. Su Mucheng tells Ye Xiu, who logs back into the game, that the Fire Witch has not been killed yet. Mucheng, Ye Xiu, and Rongxing kill monsters near Line Canyon while they wait for Tang Rou and Qiao Yifan, who are both repairing their weapons' durability.

With Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Yifan, and Rongxing, Su Mucheng goes to dungeon at Line Canyon. Mucheng follows Ye Xiu’s safe roundabout routes to avoid enemy players, which wastes one hour compared to the regular routes. After three dungeon runs, Mucheng logs off.

Su Mucheng tells everyone that she helped Ye Xiu’s record clears to gather uncommon materials. After finishing the Line Canyon dungeon runs, Mucheng logs off. She gets a message from Ye Xiu that she does not need to play so diligently because they are not going to be setting records. Mucheng messages Ye Xiu that she is joining him for the Christmas event. She claims that she is sick because of the Christmas event. She refutes Ye Xiu’s argument that sick people cannot participate events by saying the Christmas event is the cure for her sickness. With Ye Xiu, Mucheng goes to Sin City, a level 37-39 area, to look for Christmas thieves because this higher-level area is dangerous for most players. Mucheng joins Ye Xiu and Tang Rou at Sin City.

Su Mucheng fires a Laser to attack the Sin City residents that chased Tang Rou. Mucheng fires artillery shells to get the aggro of the dozen residents. Mucheng quickly escapes from the aggro of the Sin City residents. Mucheng proposes to team up with Tang Rou, who wants to learn on her own. Mucheng moves in a separate direction to Tang Rou. After an hour, Mucheng sees that she is at 319th place leaderboard while Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim is at 261st place and Tang Rou’s Soft Mist is at 784th place.[8] Su Mucheng joins Ye Xiu in fighting Wind Following Sword’s reinforcements.

Su Mucheng helps Tang Rou kill a dozen high-leveled Sin City residents and a Christmas thief. Mucheng assists Tang Rou in suppressing Wind Following Sword. Mucheng kills the Excellent Dynasty Spitfire. Mucheng helps Ye Xiu kill off the five Excellent Dynasty members. Mucheng stumbles into Ye Xiu, who is a gathering a mob of Christmas thieves. Mucheng learns that Ye Xiu will gather all of the Christmas thieves. She learns the final destination is the watchtower. Mucheng helps Ye Xiu locate Christmas thieves. Mucheng greets Ye Xiu, who reaches the top of the tower. Mucheng trades over a large amount of mana potions to Lord Grim. Mucheng joins Ye Xiu in fighting the thieves. With Ye Xiu, Mucheng divides the watch tower into five sections in order to prevent the thieves from climbing to the top of the tower.

Su Mucheng holds back and forces Ye Xiu to do most of the work in fighting the thieves. Mucheng likes the excitement of barely managing to defend the peak of the tower from the mob of thieves. She learns that Ye Xiu has not eaten dinner, so she puts the effort into fighting the thieves again. After two hours, Mucheng and Ye Xiu kill the 341 Christmas thieves. Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist is first on the individual Christmas Hunting Leaderboard.[9] Mucheng jumps down the clock tower and fires her gun to reduce damage upon landing. She throws away mana potions to make room for the presents. Mucheng rushes to exchange the collected presents with the Santa at Sin City. On her return trip to the watch tower, a few presents remain because a lot of the presents disappeared after reaching the time limit.

Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist protects Lord Grim and attacks the Excellent Dynasty members. Mucheng levels Cleansing Mist up to 35. With Ye Xiu, Mucheng jokes that she is sick with insomnia, so she will not rest. Mucheng plays until she falls asleep in front of her computer for three hours. She wakes up and immediately starts playing again. After exchanging presents with Santa, Cleansing Mist is level 38. Mucheng logs off. Mucheng joins Ye Xiu to dungeon at Sin City. Mucheng sees an announcement of Tyrannical Ambition taking down Herb Garden’s Sin City dungeon record clear. Mucheng sees Tyrannical Ambition’s Sin City record clear time of 29 minutes, 34 seconds, and 71 milliseconds, which is nearly a three-minute improvement.

Mucheng messages Ye Xiu about her trip to the All-Star Weekend, which is based on popularity instead of ability. Mucheng is one of the most popular players, so she has attended every All-Star event. Mucheng hears Huang Shaotian’s two shameless whistles. Mucheng ignores Shaotian.[10]

Volume 4: All-Star Weekend

On the All-Star Weekend Day 2, Su Mucheng uses binoculars to find Ye Xiu in the crowd. Mucheng takes part in the High Jump event, a test of speed. She chooses a random audience member and Chen Guo. Next, Mucheng chooses Tang Rou. Mucheng meets Chen Guo and Tang Rou. In the High Jump event, Mucheng races ahead of the competition with Aerial Fire. Mucheng continues forward. Mucheng wins the High Jump event. Mucheng tells the host of the All-Star Weekend that she is delighted by Chen Guo and Tang Rou’s teamwork. Mucheng watches Tang Rou’s duel with Du Ming. Mucheng waits outside the stadium for Ye Xiu. Mucheng and Ye Xiu go to an ice cream store. Mucheng buys some ice cream to eat while Ye Xiu smokes.

On Day 3, Su Mucheng waves her hands at the camera to greet Ye Xiu in an interview. Mucheng walks onto the stage. She stands a good distance away from Sun Xiang and stands closer to Zou Yuan. Mucheng joins Team A with Zhou Zekai, Jiang Botao, Yu Wenzhou, Huang Shaotian, Yu Feng, Chu Yunxiu, Li Hua, Tang Hao, Zou Yuan, Sun Xiang, and Yang Cong.[11] For Team A’s Team Challenge, Mucheng joins Zekai, Wenzhou, Shaotian, and Yunxiu with Jiang Botao as the substitute. Mucheng’s Dancing Rain fires her cannon from long-range to damage Team B’s players.

With Chu Yunxiu, Mucheng suppresses Wu Yuce. Mucheng’s Dancing Rain fires artillery shells to force Wang Jiexi away for Yunxiu to finish off Wu Yuce. Mucheng retreats from Deng Fusheng’s Angelica and Jiexi’s Vaccaria. Mucheng is suppressed by Jiexi. Mucheng wonders how long she can survive Jiexi’s onslaught of attacks. Mucheng realizes that she is not very tough and that she is too reliant of Ye Xiu. Her support style of play depends on Ye Xiu, but without him, she is not as impactful. Mucheng decides that she has to save herself. Mucheng counters with a Swing and knocks up Jiexi’s Vaccaria. Mucheng chains together a few skills and uses Delivery Gun to send Jiexi to Zhang Xinjie’s group. Mucheng uses Satellite Beam to deal tons of damage to Jiexi, Han Wenqing, and other Team B members.[12] Mucheng and Team A win the Team Challenge, which gives Team A the overall win.[13]

Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist joins Ye Xiu’s Guild Happy.[14] Mucheng joins Ye Xiu and the party in attacking the Guardian. With Ye Xiu’s orders, Mucheng fires 3 Anti-Tank Missiles at the Guardian. With Ye Xiu, Mucheng attacks and keeps the Guardian occupied. When the Guardian aggro changes to Ye Xiu’s team, Mucheng and her team attack to regain control of the Guardian. Mucheng and the team manage to get the low-health Guardian to kneel, which signifies their victory.[15]

Su Mucheng learns that Peerless Looks is actually Xu Boyuan, the Blue Brook Guild’s 10th Server guild leader. Mucheng wonders why a rival guild leader, Boyuan, is helping Guild Happy. Mucheng joins Ye Xiu’s 20-player team to take down the Level 2 Guardian. With Ye Xiu, Mucheng controls the aggro of Guardian. They easily defeat the Level 2 Guardian. Mucheng learns from Ye Xiu to poach Horse Shooter, a Launcher from Misty Castle, to join Guild Happy. After a few minutes, she persuades Horse Shooter to join Guild Happy with a video chat. With Ye Xiu, Mucheng ambushes her opponents and sends them flying out of the water. Mucheng and Ye Xiu quickly kill four opponents before enemy reinforcements arrive. Mucheng fires her cannon into the water to create a swirling whirlpool to cause chaos for the enemy. Mucheng and Ye Xiu kill the remaining players in the water.

Su Mucheng walks out of the Thousand Waves Lake onto the shore. Mucheng follows Ye Xiu, who finds an enemy team to ambush. Near the shore, Mucheng joins Ye Xiu in ambushing a Misty Castle dungeon team. Mucheng follows Ye Xiu out of Thousand Waves Lake to a hiding spot on the main road from Congee City to Thousand Waves Lake. She learns from Ye Xiu to message instead of speaking, so they can hear the enemy’s footsteps. Mucheng hears the enemy’s footsteps and guesses to about 20 units away, which is forecasted a bit quicker than reality. Mucheng initiates the battle with gunfire. Mucheng and the team swiftly kill the five Misty Castle players.[16]

Su Mucheng moves out on her own to find enemies to ambush. She finds an Herb Garden dungeon team and a Royal Heritage dungeon team. Mucheng fires her cannon, which shocks the enemy. Mucheng chases one of the ten players. She quickly kills two players and struggles to chase down the other eight retreating players. Mucheng finds and eliminates a Royal Heritage player. Mucheng follows Ye Xiu and the team to go to Sin City. With Ye Xiu’s party, Mucheng runs the Sin City dungeon three times to reach the limit. Afterward, Mucheng logs off to rest.

With Ye Xiu’s party, Su Mucheng assassinates enemy guild elites at Sin City dungeon entrances. Mucheng logs off early to sleep because she has a Glory Pro Alliance match tomorrow. In Excellent Era's match against Bright Green, Mucheng performs well. Mucheng joins Ye Xiu’s party to dungeon at Thousand Waves Lake. Mucheng and Ye Xiu lead the party in the dungeon. Mucheng and the party break the Thousand Waves Lake dungeon record clear with a time of 30 minutes, 25 seconds, and 41 milliseconds.[17] In the next two dungeon runs, Mucheng fails to improve their record clear time because Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter occasionally make mistakes. Mucheng joins Ye Xiu to break the Gloom Forest’s record clear time. On the first three dungeon runs, Mucheng and the team fail to break the record clear time. On the next day’s final dungeon run, Mucheng and the team break the Gloom Forest dungeon record clear. Mucheng helps Ye Xiu repeatedly break the previous records, and Guild Happy monopolized the top 10 spots of the Gloom Forest dungeon record standings.[18] Afterward, Mucheng levels up.

On New Year’s Eve, Su Mucheng knocks on the Happy Internet Cafe’s front doors. She pops a party popper on Chen Guo. Mucheng is disappointed that Ye Xiu is not awake. Mucheng pops a party popper on Ye Qiu by mistake because Mucheng wants to surprise Ye Xiu. Mucheng tells Chen Guo and Ye Qiu that she handmade two party poppers with colored paper.[19] Mucheng tells Ye Xiu that the Glory event starts in the afternoon. She gets a tour of Ye Xiu’s living area in a storage room. Mucheng gives her Cleansing Mist account to Chen Guo to level. Mucheng sleeps on Ye Xiu’s bed in the storage room.[20] After an hour into the New Year event, Mucheng wakes up and logs onto her account. With Ye Xiu’s advice, Mucheng easily finishes the first round of missions.[21]

Volume 5: Deception

With Ye Xiu and Chen Guo, Su Mucheng goes to a restaurant and eat dinner in a reserved room. Mucheng and Ye Xiu gossip about the Glory Pro Alliance. Mucheng and Chen Guo drink most of the alcohol. After paying the bill, Mucheng and Chen Guo leave the restaurant leaning on each other because they are both drunk. Mucheng dances through the street while firecrackers and fireworks explode in the air. With Ye Xiu and Chen Guo, Mucheng takes a taxi back to the Happy Internet Cafe.[22] After returning to the Internet cafe, Mucheng falls asleep. She is covered by blankets from Ye Xiu. When Mucheng wakes up in the middle of the night, she logs onto her Cleansing Mist account to complete quests. At sunrise, Mucheng rests. On the fourth day of the Spring Festival, Mucheng goes out with Ye Xiu to buy clothes. On the fifth day of the Spring Festival, Mucheng goes back to Excellent Era to prepare for their upcoming match.[23]

In the first Individual Challenge, Su Mucheng duels against a Tyranny player. In an even match, Mucheng seizes a critical opportunity and wins the duel.[24] Mucheng and Excellent Era lose to Tyranny.[25] During the Spring Festival, Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist reaches level 49.[26]