Like other games, Glory has its own terminology for game-related events.

Game Terminology

Aggro: Short for aggression. A term used to describe when a monster (and sometimes player) focuses their attention and attacks on a single target. Aggro can be gained by entering a monster's aggro-radius, attacking a monster, taunt skills, or healing damage dealt by a monster.

Aggro-Radius: The area around a monster that, if entered, will alert it off another's presence, causing it to attack.

Aggro-Sharing: Multiple monsters share the same aggro target.

AoE: Short for Area of Effect. Certain skills have a limited amount of range that it can target.

APM: Short for Actions per Minute. This is a numeral to explain how fast someone's hands moved based on the number of actions they do in the game.

CC: Short for Crowd Control. Skills that are CC are used to target large groups of enemies.

DoT: Short for Damage Over Time. Certain skills can cause damage over a period of time and aren't shown immediately.

DPS: Short for Damage Per Second. This is a numeral to reference the amount of damage one does during a short period of time. In many cases in games, saying DPS means to deal a high amount of damage.

Durability: The amount of "charge" a piece of equipment has. When the equipment has no more durability left, it is either destroyed or has lowered stats. Durability can be recharged by a NPC.

Effective Speed: The speed that a player's hand can move while performing the appropriate and advantageous functions of the game.

KS: Short for Kill-Steal. This term is used to when a player steals the kill of an enemy from another player.

Level Suppression: A term used when the level difference between two entities is great. As the distance grows, the effects and damage cast by the lower level are reduced.

Mechanical Speed: The speed that a player's hand is able to move while on the computer.

MP: Short for Mana Pool. This term pertains to the amount of mana a player has.

MT: Short for Main-Tank. This player is in charge of holding the enemies aggression, while everyone else deals damage.

NPC: Short for Non-Playable Character. This is a character created to interact with the player, but cannot be controlled by the player.

One Wave Push: A much more aggressive form of One Wave Rush where monsters are constantly pulled and killed off at a fast pace.

One Wave Rush: A technique used to draw the attention of the monsters in a dungeon and quickly get rid of them.

OT: Short for Off-Tank. This term is used when the aggression from the Boss shifts from the Main Tank to another player.

PK: Short for Player Kill. This term is used when going to fight another player with the attention of killing them.

Pull: A term used to describe gaining the aggro of the enemy.

Scrap Picking: The act of picking up the dropped equipment and items of other players who have died in wild areas.

TV: A slang term for the System Announcement.

Status Effects

Armor Break: A term used when Super Armor is broken.

Bleed: An effect that does Damage Over Time.

Blind: An effect from a skill that causes the enemy not to be able to see.

Burned: An effect that does Damage Over Time.

Critically Ill: A term used to describe the status of a player after they have died and revived. Player stats are reduced by 80% for 10 minutes or until they are healed by an NPC. If a player is revived by a Cleric, this does not take effect.

Cursed: A status effect that lowers the stats of the target.

Dizzy: Player accuracy is lowered.

Enraged: A term used when an enemy recognizes that it is in danger. The enemy does an action to try and buff or protect itself.

Frozen: A status effect that encases the target in a block of ice and prevents them from moving.

Poison: Causes Damage Over Time.

Red Blood: When an enemy reaches 10% health.

Stun: A status effect that stops an enemy from doing any actions for some time.

Super Armor: A term used to describe an enemy that has increased defense stats that make it unable to be Knocked-Up, Knocked-Down, Knocked-Back, or Stunned. The user is not immune to status effects or grab skills.

Skill Terminology

Aerial-Fire: A move used by the Gunner class, or anyone with a gun, that uses the recoil with the weapon to fly backward.

Arc Charge:

Blow Away: A term used when a player or monster is sent playing away through the effects of a skill.

Brick: The shortening of the skill Brick Buster used by the Brawler Class. See Brawler for more information.

Delivery Gun: A term used when a target to send to a certain location through the firing of player in the Gunner class.

Dragon Raises Its Head: A technique based on the Battle Mage's Rising Dragon Soars the Sky. It was created by Ye Xiu.

Dragon Returns Its Head: A technique based on the Battle Mage's Rising Dragon Soars the Sky and Dragon Raises Its Head. It was created by Sun Xiang.

False Combo: A term used to describe when a skill can be blocked or dodged, and aren't counted by the System, but hit the enemy.

Grab Skill: A skill that ignores Super Armor and prevents Quick Recovery

Gun Shake: A term used when the bullets of a Gunner are spread out to more than 1 target or area.

Knock-Down: A term used when a skill sends a player in the ground.

Knock-up: A term used when a skill sends a player into the air.

Quick Recover: A move used to roll or rebound from a skill or move.

Screenshot: A term used to describe when a shield is used to cover the enemies sight making the shield the only thing they can see. Comparable to being blinded.

Taunt Skill: A skill that greatly raises the aggro towards the user for a period of time.

Tri-Shot: A term used to describe how an Anti-Tank Missile is shot. See Launcher page for more info.

Vanishing Step: A term used when a player loses sight of their target during a battle. Because Glory is a first-person game, a player can enter the opposing players Blind Spot, making the enemy player unable to see them.

Z-Shake: A term used to describe the pathing a player uses to dodge an attack. The player moves in a Z-shape.




Spinning Spiderweb Formation:

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