Tyranny (霸图, Bàtú) is an eSports team that made its debut in Season 1 of the Glory Professional Alliance. They have an active guild in the Heavenly Domain Server.

Current Roster

Name Class Account Team Position
Han Wenqing Striker Desert Dust Captain
Zhang Xinjie Cleric Immovable Rock Vice-Captain
Zhang Jiale Spitfire Dazzling Hundred Blossoms Main Roster
Bai Yanfei Elementalist Ruota Main Roster
Qin Muyun Sharpshooter Nine Degrees Below Zero Main Roster
Song Qiying Striker River Sunset Main Roster
Zheng Chenfeng Knight Mountain Split Substitute
Yu Tian Blade Master

Retired Pro Accounts

Account Name Class Former Users
Dark Thunder Brawler Lin Jingyan


Name Previous Class Current Class Previous Account Current Account Season Previous Team New Team
Lin Jingyan Brawler Brawler Demon Subduer Dark Thunder 9th Season Wind Howl Tyranny
Zhou Guangyi Assassin Assassin Cold Seasons Cold Seasons 9th Season Tyranny Hundred Blossoms
Jia Shiming Striker Striker 6th Season Tyranny Royal Style [1]
Wang Chixuan Sharpshooter 9th Season Tyranny
Zhang Jiale Spitfire Spitfire Dazzling Hundred Blossoms Dazzling Hundred Blossoms 9th Season Hundred Blossoms Tyranny


Name Class Account Season Retirement Team Position
Li Yibo After 4th Season Main Roster
Ji Leng Assassin Cold Seasons After 4th Season Main Roster
Lin Jingyan Brawler Dark Thunder After 10th Season Main Roster

Team Operations

Name Class Account Team Job
Yang Chi Equipment Development Manager

Main Guild

Tyrannical Ambition

Notable Accounts Class Position
Wandering Peak Elementalist Guild Leader
Dazzling Spring Spitfire Pro Player
Cold Night Knight 10th Server Guild Leader
Endless Night Cleric Active in 10th Server
Three Stones Knight Head Tank/Number 1 Knight
Salty Not Sweet
Little Cold Hands (Former) Cleric

Branch Guilds

Exterminate the Heavens

Notable Accounts Class Position
Senior Exterminate the Heavens Striker Guild Leader
Crispy Bean Knight Guild Main Tank
Clove Cleric

Tyrannical Ambition's Fourth Branch

Notable Accounts Class Position
Happy Sheep Cleric Team Captain
Flight Knight Number One Knight
Seven Blossoms Leaves Knight

Tyrannical Ambition's Fifth Branch

Notable Accounts Class Position
Wolf Head Knight Team Captain
Wolf Claw Cleric Lead Cleric for Wolf Head's Team


8th Season

Team Individual Group Team Total Result
Excellent Era [2] 2/3 0/2 5/5 7/10 Win

10th Season

Team Individual Group Team Total Result
? 3/3 2/2 5/5 10/10 Win
? 5/5 8/10 Win
Samsara 2/3 0/2 0/5 2/10 Loss
Happy 0/3 2/2 5/5 7/10 Win
Tiny Herb 1/3 0/2 5/5 6/10 Win
Wind Howl 1/3 0/2 5/5 6/10 Win
Lightly 3/3 2/2 5/5 10/10 Win
Thunderclap 0/5 3/10 Loss
Misty Rain 1/3 0/2 5/5 6/10 Win
Hundred Blossoms 2/3 0/2 0/5 2/10 Loss
Void 1/3 2/2 5/5 8/10 Win
Miracle 2/3 2/2 5/5 9/10 Win
301 Degrees 5/5 8/10 Win
Happy 1/3 2/2 5/5 8/10 Win
Wind Howl 1/3 2/2 5/5 8/10 Win
Thunderclap 8/10 Win
Radiant [3] 2/3 2/2 5/5 9/10 Win
Seaside [4] 3/3 2/2 5/5 10/10 Win
Hundred Blossoms [5] 3/3 0/2 0/5 3/10 Loss


Team Group Team Total Result
301 Degrees


5/5 6/6 11 : 5 Win
301 Degrees


5/5 6/6 11 : 6 Win


4/5 1/6 5 : 11 Loss


5/5 6/6 11 : 4 Win


4/5 3/6 7 : 11 Loss

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  • Tyranny and Excellent Era are the most famous rivalries in the Alliance. Both of the teams have been in the Alliance since Season 1, and they have always been competitors for the championship until the relegation of Excellent Era in Season 8. Excellent Era and Ye Xiu won the championship of Season 2 against Tyranny in the finals, while Tyranny stopped Excellent Era from winning the championship the fourth consecutive time and ended the "Excellent Era Dynasty" in the fourth season. The ace player from each team, Ye Xiu and Han Wenqing, are known as true rivals too. Shouts of Tyranny's fans against Ye Xiu are so loud that players can hear them inside the boxes while they play.[9]
  • According to Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng, Tyranny’s players and supporters tend to provoke others.[10]
  • The four God-Tier players on Tyranny's line-up became known as the "Four Kings," which was made up of Han Wenqing, Zhang Xinjie, Lin Jingyan, and Zhang Jiale.
  • Tyranny has been in the playoffs for each of the 10 Seasons in the Glory Professional Alliance. This record is only shared with Tiny Herb.
  • Tyranny has the most God-Level Accounts in a team (3).
  • Desert Dust and Immovable Rock have the longest ever standing partnership in the Alliance. Both characters have been partners since Season 1 regardless of the user.[11]


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