Skills and Abilities

Skills and Abilities

"Magician" style: Wang Jiexi's Witch mechanics is described as "Magic", which is why he received the title of the "Magician". The attack patterns and angles become more unpredictable and faster over time. It is enough to make one feel dizzy while watching. Due to due not being able to assimilate his most comfortable style with the team, he changed his style so that he can properly sync with them.[1] Due to this, he is one of the few players who has successfully changed their style over the course of their career, using a more conventional style to better coordinate with their teammates.[2]

Wang Jiexi is also the first professional Glory player to have ever dodged the dreaded "Rookie's Block" throughout his first season without a performance dip. His "Magician" Style allowed for this as it was too confusing for the opposing teams to get a handle on before the season ended.[3]

According to the story, if the "Master Tactician" title wasn't just limited to four people, Wang Jiexi would be the fifth. His double championships prove further evidence of why he deserves the "Master Tactician" title.[4]

Abilities Rating
Tactics ★★★★★
Operations ★★★★★
Opportunity seizing ★★★★★
Command over field ★★★★★★
Knowledge of people ★★★★★


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