Ye Qiu (叶秋) is the younger twin brother of Ye Xiu. When Ye Xiu registered to be a pro player, he used Ye Qiu's identification instead. He has no interest in video games.


Unlike his brother, Ye Qiu wears refined clothing and has a pristine appearance. Their faces are strikingly similar, but their builds and hair styles are different. Ye Qiu also has good posture.[1]


He speaks formally and politely, which makes him an amicable person to talk with.[1] However, Ye Qiu argues with his brother, but all in goodwill.[2]


He initially intended to run away from home, and he had a bag packed and ready to go. Before Ye Qiu could leave, his brother found the bag and ran away instead.



  • Similarly to Ye Xiu, he has low tolerance for alcohol.[3]


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