Professional Alliance


  • First batch of Glory's online players
  • 100% rate victory in Arena in 1st Server

10th Server

  • Midnight Phantom Cat First Kill[3]
  • Spider Cave First Clear[4]
  • Spider Emperor First Kill[5]
  • Blood Gunner First Kill[6]
  • Helped Tyrannical Ambition to first kill on Goblin Merchant[7]
  • 2nd fastest Frost Forest Clear Time: 13:05:47[8]
  • Fastest Boneyard Clear Time: 16:24:67[10]
    • Fastest time on all 10 servers[11]
  • Fire Witch Cashew First Kill[12]
  • Fastest Desolate Lands Clear Time: 22:29:57[13]
  • Top 3 on the Christmas Hunting Leaderboards[14]
  • Fastest Thousand Wave Lake Clear Time: 30:25:41[15]

Heavenly Domain

  • First level 50 to enter the Heavenly Domain
  • Sealed Mountain Thieves Hideout (10 man level 75 Dungeon):
    • Vanguard Brother Wolf First Kill[16]
    • Defense Commander Sand Leopard First Kill[17]
    • Tactician Snow Eagle (Double Boss) First Kill
    • Vice Commander Brown Bear (Double Boss) First Kill[18]
    • Chief Sealed Mountain Tiger First Kill
    • Sealed Mountain Thieves Hideout First Clear[19]
  • Barrier Mountain's Snowstorm Mine First Clear[20]
  • Gray Corner (10 man level 75 Dungeon)
    • Blackhearted Peddles Niles First Kill
    • Unnamed Second Boss First Kill
    • Unnamed Third Boss First Kill
    • Unnamed Fourth Boss First Kill[21]
    • Unnamed Fifth Boss First Kill
    • Gray Corner First Clear[22]
  • Rebel Army Vanguard Camp (20 man level 75 Dungeon)
    • Sharp Blades Captain Leo First Kill[23]
    • Unnamed Second Boss First Kill
    • Unnamed Third Boss First Kill
    • Unnamed Fourth Boss First Kill
    • Unnamed Fifth Boss First Kill
    • Rebel Army Vanguard Camp First Clear[24]


Season 9 (Challengers League)

Team Opponent(s) Competition Result
Everlasting He An Group Competition Win
Everlasting 6 Everlasting Players Team Competition Win
Everlasting Leopold, Heavenly Rage, He An Group Competition W/W/W

Season 10 (Pro League)

Team Opponent(s) Competition Result
Samsara ?, Zhou Zekai Group Competition W/L
Hundred Blossoms Ceng Xinran Individual Competition Win
Tyranny Zhang Jiale Individual Competition Win
Heavenly Sword Sun Zheping Individual Competition Win
Tiny Herb Gao Yingjie Individual Competition Win
Miracle Guo Shao Individual Competition Win
Misty Rain Li Hua Individual Competition Win
Void Gai Caijie Individual Competition Win
Thunderclap Mi Xiuyuan Individual Competition Win
Wind Howl Tang Hao Individual Competition Win
Royal Style Tian Sen Individual Competition Win
Samsara Jiang Botao Individual Competition Win
Tyranny Lin Jingyan Individual Competition Win
Heavenly Sword Sun Zheping Individual Competition Win
Tiny Herb Xu Bin Individual Competition Win
Void Li Xuan Individual Competition Win
Wind Howl Liu Hao Individual Competition Win
301 Degrees Bai Shu Individual Competition Win
Blue Rain Song Xiao, Lu Hanwen, Huang Shaotian Group Competition W/W/L


Su Mucheng

He met her since he was friends with Su Muqiu. and helped raise her alongside her brother. They have a mutual understanding. Also, Ye Xiu treats her especially; even after retiring, he thought of her future.

Su Muqiu

He met Su Muqiu in an internet cafe when he was playing an online game. After dueling him many times, they became friends and started to play Glory together. Even after Su Muqiu's death, Ye Xiu still respects him. To brand Lord Grim's name in history, he broke a record of 37 wins out of 38 in the Individual Challenge. He helped raise Su Mucheng with him.

Tang Rou

Chen Guo introduced them to each other when she asked him to duel with Tang Rou. He noticed her talent and helped her to improve, updating his old guides and using Tiny Herb to give her practice. He even helped her to beat Du Ming in All-Star weekend during Season 8.

Chen Guo

Ye Xiu met her when he came across her Internet Cafe and decided to work here. When he created a guild, though he was the guild leader in name, she was the one who managed the guild.

Han Wenqing

In the 1st Server, people saw them as rivals since both of them had never lost a game in the Arena. However, Ye Xiu fought him in the Arena and won. At the same time, Han Wenqing dropped his orange weapon and Ye Xiu offered it back, but he refused. After they entered the Pro Alliance, they remained rivals, and Han Wenqing finally beat him in the Season 4 finals. They have mutual respect and know each other well.

Huang Shaotian

Ye Xiu finds him annoying because he talks too much. Despite this, Ye Xiu loves to tease him, even using him to beat the Boneyard record on the 10th Server.


  • (To Sun Xiang) "Do you like this game...If you like it, then treat everything as glory and not boasting."[25]
  • (To Sun Xiang) "Let me be frank with you, with your poor attitude, don’t play Glory, Super Mario or Galaxian might suit you better."[26]
  • (To Endless Night) "Cleric, behave yourself."[28]
  • (To Chen Guo) "The pay for being a cafe manager during the night shift is very reasonable. But now you want me to do this for that pay. That’s not how much I’m worth!"[29]
  • (To Chen Guo about Sun Xiang) "Even Contra wouldn’t be suitable for him. That game even comes with a 2-player mode!"[26]
  • (To Hazy Mist) "Be careful; don’t let me bump into you!"[29]
  • (Ye Xiu talking with Blue River)
    "It’s troublesome for me, too!" Ye Xiu said.
    "What trouble?"
    "My……. my red name still hasn’t gone away……"
  • (To Blue River) "I was saying it like this. Why, did I scare you?"[31]
  • (To random players that has been killed numerous times by him)
    "You died four times! It must have been very difficult."
    "You died three times! It couldn’t have been easy."
    "Four times."
    "Two times."
    "Wow, not bad. You never died once? What do you think? Want to join our Guild Happy? Our guild is in need of lucky people like you."
  • (To Little Ming) "To be honest, what we fight for, is actually a private dream. No one did that to make others happy. The one who wants to make fans like you happy is just the league, I think you'd better not misunderstand. For your support and encouragement, we're definitely grateful and also moved, but I must say it ruthlessly: to fight for the fans is not true. At least for me, it's not."[33]
  • (To Chen Guo) “Boss, look. These accounts belong to you from now on.
    You’d better not scam us![34]
  • (To Chen Guo) “That’s hard to say.” Ye Xiu just had to damage the beautiful scene: “There are some really shameless people here.”
    Yeah! You have to be extremely careful of him.” Wei Chen immediately stood up. The two started insulting each other again…...[34]
  • (To Fang Rui) "Rookie Ye Xiu asking for advice from Qi Master expert Fang Rui.[35]
  • (To the media after winning the Revival Tournament) "I'm back!"
  • (To Su Muqiu) "When I see One Autumn Leaf and Cloud Piercer step into the battlefield, I'm thinking, if you were still alive, how good would it be..."
  • (After 37 winning streak in the regular season) "Ah its okay, we are all the same."
  • (To Su Mucheng) "I'm a professional player, what do you think?"[36]
  • (To a reporter after losing to Tiny Herb) "Those were words that were necessary back then, is it your first day as a reporter?"[37]
  • (Talking to Fang Rui in front of reporters after losing to Tiny Herb)
    "Those that need serious criticism, that would be the two players that went up subsequently. Two people, yet you can't take down one? Especially the third player, anchor Fang Rui. The team spent so much money to make you join, is it for you to be a good for nothing? You can't even handle Wang Jiexi!"
    "Yes, yes, yes" Fang Rui said with an ashamed face and with repent
    "I am at fault, I did not focus on the match. Wang Jiexi, I should be able to least beat him 10 times"
    "It's a little too much" Ye Xiu said.
    "Eight times?" Fang Rui said.
    "Um" Ye Xiu said.[37]
  • (To Wang Jiexi about All-Star lineup) "Bro has 16 consecutive wins. Let me go up first and take the lead, and get one point steadily. This will quell their arrogance. Such a reasonable and clever arrangement, how is this naive, explain yourself Big-eyed Wang!"[38]
  • (To Su Muqiu about setting a 37 win streak) "I will let this record stay forever. However, I left one round from the start, giving you an opportunity to surpass me."[39]
  • (To reporters about Wind Howl's tactics) "Oh, if Wang Jiexi loses to this kind of tactic, he should stop forcing himself and just retire."[40]


  • Ye Xiu has a very low tolerance for alcohol.
  • Ye Xiu's favorite and most familiar class is Battle Mage.[41]
  • He is a few minutes older than Ye Qiu.
  • He does not care for his MVP awards. This can be seen when he pulled out his crumpled Season 3 MVP award and threw it at Chen Guo.
  • Ye Xiu is able to play the piano, but he can only play two pieces: Piano Sonata No. 8 (Beethoven) and Flight of the Bumblebee.
  • He is the second most popular player of Glory, after Zhou Zekai.
  • He broke the record of the number of friends invites when he entered the Heavenly Domain. Because of it, his computer froze. [42]
  • Ye Xiu was the first person to use the Unspecialized class in the Pro Alliance.
  • He is roommates with Wei Chen. [43]
  • Ye Xiu once messaged Zhang Jiale on QQ so that a notification would pop up and block his screen. This caused Zhang Jiale to be unable to aim his Grenade at Ye Xiu's Lord Grim, allowing the latter to escape.[44]
  • Ye Xiu had a Weibo account for years, but never ever used it. The only time he used it was to tell Fang Rui that he had no future at Wind Howl and to recruit him to join Happy.[45]
  • In his match against Void's Gai Caijie, Ye Xiu had two Myriad Manifestation Umbrella, one being Level 5 and the other being Level 70. This was to prevent Prohibition Symbol from sealing the Level 70 version.


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